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Visit Lamborghini - Gallery: Lamborghini museum, Sant'Agata

We take you on a virtual tour of the Lamborghini museum in Sant'Agata. The exhibits are essential viewing for fans of the marque...

Jay Leno's Column: The Collector

Jay Leno on the Brough Superior...

Jay Leno's Column: The Collector

Jay Leno on old vs new...

Jay Leno's Column: The Collector

Jay Leno on gas turbine powered cars...

Jay Leno's Column: The Collector

Jay Leno on changing times...

Jay Leno's Column: The Collector

Jay Leno on car chase films...

Jay Leno's Column: The Collector

Jay Leno on DeLorean

Jay Leno's Column: The Collector

Jay Leno on Lancias...

The Classics Perspective - How Much?

The most common question I hear about my cars is "how much"?

Building the baby bull - Gallery: Lamborghini Gallardo production line

To mark the launch of the recent Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni edition, we took a quick tour of the factory...

Mystery Machine - Alfa Romeo 2600 Pininfarina concept

This Pininfarina show car has recently been restored. But who built it and why is a coupe now?

A Kind Of Magic - Driven: Lotus-Cortina

Still revered as one of the finest performance saloons, the Lotus-Cortina set the standard for years to come...

France's Finest - Facel Vega FV2B Convertible

Back in the 1950s, Facel Vega produced cars more than capable of competing for the title of world’s best car. Meet the most desirable of all, the FV2B convertible, one of two built...

Day at the Museum - The Schlumpf collection

We spend a day at the remarkable “Cité de l’Automobile”

The Classics Perspective - Of Cobwebs and Carburetors

We buy them, work on them, spend money on them, treat them better than we do ourselves, so why don't we drive our classic cars more often?

Video: Jay Leno and the new McLaren MP4/12C

Jay Leno gets a closer look beneath the skin of the new McLaren MP4/12C.

That's entertainment - Video: Mini at 50 years

MINI has put together a nice video celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic car...

King of the RAC - Datsun 240Z rally car restoration

It’s more than a restoration: it’s a detective story! Here’s how an extraordinary works Z was made new again

The Cool List - Top Ten Cool Cars

Here they are – the top ten coolest classic cars, as chosen by Octane’s staff and contributors after hours of intensive bar-room debate.

100-not out - Gallery: Audi celebrates its centenary

Audi has made 2009 its centenary year... here are some images of its best cars in competition

The lost circuits: AVUSring - Audi R8 drive story

It might be an unremarkable piece of Berlin motorway now but 70 years ago the AVUSring was home to the fastest racing cars in the world.

Lawrenceville antique parts store keeps classic cars running

If you’re buying parts for an antique car, it would be hard to find a more fitting place than Brownlee’s Old Time Antique Auto Parts on Pike Street in Lawrenceville.

The Edsel at 50

Considered a failure, vehicle has its fans

Horseless carriage club (vintage cars, really) takes 900-mile road trip

So is an 80-something-year-old car really that reliable?

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