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Daytona uncovered - Ferrari 365GTB/4

Why does the 365GTB/4 have such a hold over enthusiasts, and why is it still the market barometer?

The Knowledge - Pistons

Finding the right pistons for your motor can be a struggle – but many are still manufactured in the traditional way, if you know where to look.


The magneto was fitted to most cars of the pre-war years – and is still a requirement for modern piston-engined aircraft

Winter Tires

Winter tires only have to save you from tragedy once to be a worthwhile investment

Weber Carburetors

We explode the myths to help you understand how Weber carburetors work and, more importantly, why they sometimes don’t!

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a mystery to most. Here’s how to revive a system and keep it working at optimum efficiency

LPG Conversion

If you do a high mileage in a thirsty classic, converting to LPG could save money as well as making your car more environmentally friendly

Convertible Tops

The condition, fit and quality of a soft-top can make or break a convertible car...

Four-Wheel Drive

Originally the preserve of off-roaders, four-wheel drive has been achieved in many different ways. Here’s how it’s done – and what to beware of.

Car Glass

Car glass has changed a lot since the early days of motoring but its availability for classic cars is now better than ever

Electronic Ignition

The ignition system is one of the most common sources of problems on a classic car, but there is a simple solution

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