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100-not out - Gallery: Audi celebrates its centenary

Audi has made 2009 its centenary year... here are some images of its best cars in competition

The lost circuits: AVUSring - Audi R8 drive story

It might be an unremarkable piece of Berlin motorway now but 70 years ago the AVUSring was home to the fastest racing cars in the world.

Lawrenceville antique parts store keeps classic cars running

If you’re buying parts for an antique car, it would be hard to find a more fitting place than Brownlee’s Old Time Antique Auto Parts on Pike Street in Lawrenceville.

The Edsel at 50

Considered a failure, vehicle has its fans

Microcar owner lives large with small vehicles

'Bubble' cars smaller than a Mini Cooper, but get 90 mpg

Horseless carriage club (vintage cars, really) takes 900-mile road trip

So is an 80-something-year-old car really that reliable?

High-speed car with a Wankel engine – Mercedes-Benz C 111

At the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September 1969, Mercedes-Benz presented an out-of-the-ordinary car: the C 111.

Who Got It Right?

Tell us which new pony car lives up to its past.

Classic Car Moments

Do you have your Own Classic Car Stories?

The one and only - Lamborghini Muira Spider

The only factory-made Miura Spider has been through two completely different incarnations – and now it’s back to its original form after 40 years.

Paul Frère - Gone but not forgotten

Writer, racer, engineer, and European Gentleman of the old school, the only element necessary in the automotive dictionary alongside the entry for Cool, is a big glossy photo of Paul Frère.

Road Runner Trippin'

A father/daughter trip to find dad's dream car

Out with the Old, In with the New

West Coast Customs is selling some of their 2009 projects to get ready for 2010.

Back to the future - Bristol 411 - buy it new

Fancy a new Bristol and find the Fighter a trifle gauche? Try one of the company's latest 411 Series VI models...

Bond (girl) is back! - Goldfinger's Tilly Masterson returns to Switzerland's Furka Pass

Almost 45 years on, people still talk about the car chase in Goldfinger. Armed with Mustangs and Astons old and new, a Rolls-Royce Phantom III and the original Bond girl, Tania Mallet, we set about recreating the iconic cinematic moment in Switzerland's Valais region...

Spanish Master - Hispano Suiza H6C ‘Monza’

A front-runner for the prize of ‘best car in the world’ when new, this ex-Jabby Crombac 1928 Hispano-Suiza H6C ‘Monza’ has rather a special history, and continues to cut a dash today.

Dealing in Bonds - Goldfinger Aston DB5

There were actually four James Bond Aston Martin DB5s – but only two of those appeared in the movies. Now pay attention, 007...

Jay Leno's column: The collector

Although brought up on a diet of front engined cars, it's the alternative layouts that fascinate Jay Leno

Dad's Dream

Paying Tribute to One Man’s Lifelong Devotion to Family and Rodding

Extreme Makeover

Isn’t That a ’47 Ford? Well, Not Quite

Factory Works

Creating a Supercar from a C5 Corvette

Give Me The Willys

With a Blown Hemi, It Sure Will

Going For The Gold

Actor and Former Pro Wrestler Bill Goldberg Grapples With His Obsession for Muscle Cars

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