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Restoring Single Stage Paint: Part 7

The final polishing steps.

Restoring Single Stage Paint: Part 4

Removing oxidation without abrasives.

Restoring Single Stage Paint: Part 6

The first polishing steps.

Restoring Single Stage Paint: Part 2

Choosing the right polish.

Restoring Single Stage Paint: Part 1

The secret to removing oxidation and restoring a show car finish to antique single stage paints.

Buick GSX Dyno Thrash

Increase power with these tips

No Sew Interior Resto

Upholstery upgrades for your classic.

Gauging Your Options

How to install custom gauges.

Save Your Paint

Easy paint cleaning and protection tips.

Juicing Up

Converting your classic V8 to fuel injection.

Mixing It Up: Carburetors

Hot Tips And Tricks For A Smooth-Running Engine

Show Season Prep

Detailing Tips and Tricks

Seat Time

Preparing Corvettes Seats For New Upholstery

Rust Never Sleeps

Tips for Repairing the Doors on a ‘32 Five-Window Ford

Shield Me

Insulating Your Muscle Car From Sound and Heat

Smooth Shifting

How To Get Quicker, Slicker Shifts

Turning Over A New Leaf

Replacing Leaf Springs On A Rear Suspension

A Wing And A Flare

How To Install C6 Rear Fender Flares And A Rear Spoiler

Custom Paint Tricks

How To Make Your Chevy More Colorful

Good Air

How to Install A Cold Air Kit

Forced Induction

A Look At The Installation And Dyno-Testing Of Vortech's Street Blower For the 2005-06 Mustang GT

Gassing A Hemi

How To Install Nitrous Oxide On A Late-Model Magnum, Charger or 300C

Caster Master

Adjustable Caster Camber Plates Impove Handling And Save Tread Wear

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