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2010 Dominator Mustang

  • The first two Dominator Mustangs in front of the R&A Motorsports showroom in Lee’s Summit. Missouri. - 0
  • Dominator GT-8 on the street after arriving for Shelby Fest. - 1
  • Jeff Yergovich (L) points out the Dominator VIN plate with Kyle Caraway, Shelby Fest Founder and Event Director. - 2
  • The ProCharger supercharger that is standard on the Dominator GTL2 and GTL3 performance levels. - 3
  • Interior of Dominator GT-8 shows gauge package and Dominator nomenclature on dash. - 4
  • Candy Red Dominator GT-6 equipped with optional Shelby Performance 18x9.5 inch wheels with Pirelli 235/50ZR18 performance radials. - 5
  • R&A Motorsports designed unique emblems for the 2010 Dominator Series. - 6
  • Shelby Fest showcases all kinds of performance Mustangs and is held in Hermann, Missouri. - 7
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Performance, Power, and Looks

The Kansas City area has always been a hotbed of performance Mustang activity. In 1970 the Twister Mustang was a Ford regional sales initiative resulting in a limited edition Mustang. It was a well contented offering that created increased showroom traffic and sales. The ’80s saw another limited edition, high performance Mustang created by Summit Ford located in the Kansas City suburb of Lee’s Summit. The 1984 Dominators were road tested by Super Ford magazine with outstanding results. The editors claimed the Dominators were; “The fastest production car in the quarter-mile in the world today.” Pretty high praise indeed.

The Dominators were built from 1982 until 1990 and came in three stages of increased performance. The base models featured Hooker headers, functional ram air scoops and Ford Motorsports ignitions. The top-of-the-line model featured balanced and blueprinted engines that boasted over 300 horsepower, according to the Super Ford article. In 1984 that was quite an increase from the stock Mustang GT’s 175 horsepower.

Today, Summit Ford has been replaced by Bob Sight Ford in a new modern facility. Next door is the Summit Ford building which has been updated and is home to R&A Motorsports. Founded in 1975 by Mustang and Shelby enthusiast, Jeff Yergovich, R&A Motorsports has become nationally known for their award winning 1965-1970 Mustangs and Shelby restorations. Shelbys restored by R&A have brought record prices at leading classic car auctions. Today in addition to their thriving restoration business R&A has expanded to include 2005-up Mustangs. They are listed as a vehicle manufacturer in the state of Missouri.

The company brought back the Twister Specials in 2008-2009, a highly successful performance Mustang that replicated the 1970 model with the latest high tech and styling enhancements. Jeff recalls, “The Twister Special program was a big success for us, we were very pleased by both the Ford dealer and customer response. With that in mind we wanted to bring back the Mustang Dominator that was such a hit in the ’80s.”

The 2010 Mustang Dominator GT Series was designed and engineered to provide Mustang enthusiasts with three special models that would meet their performance demands. Jeff and his staff wanted to provide both high content and excellent value at realistic price points. R&A Sales and Marketing Director Noel Jennings, led the team that met all the criteria. In the process the company also trademarked the Dominator GT name.

Unlike the Twister Specials that came in one color and were only available with the V8 engine, the Dominator GT Series is available in any Ford color and is built on both the GT and V6 platforms. Every Dominator GT receives a special vehicle serial number plate. To insure originality, the Dominator serial number is also stamped into the firewall behind the plate.

There are three performance levels for both the GT-8 and GT-6 – normally aspirated, fast, and seriously fast. Working closely with ProCharger in nearby Lenexa, Kansas, R&A Motorsports has developed very well turned out packages for both the GT-8 and GT-6 Dominator models. All Dominator GT-8 models will come with a performance certificate that will validate each car’s rear wheel horsepower – 500 or better.

The R&A folks did not forget about getting all that power to the ground and have developed a suspension system for both models that is outstanding, whether you are driving around town, on the Interstate, or carving up back roads. The spring rates are tuned with the struts and shocks resulting in a balance that really makes the Dominator Mustangs enjoyable to drive. The Dominator is lowered, but not to a level that every driveway entrance becomes a challenge. In my opinion, the Dominator’s stance provides the Mustang with a more aggressive look. From the rear the car looks better with the large four-inch chrome exhausts and lower stance.

The 2010 Mustang boasts some really nice updates along with quality and styling enhancements over the previous model. Instrumentation is much more readable and the classy panels of satin metal across the dash brightens the whole cabin. The center stack is well designed and all controls are within easy reach – the steering wheel is fat and has a nice feel.

Driving enthusiasts will appreciate the pedals residing in close formation that allow for heel and toe artistry. Everything fits tightly and works seamlessly. The turbo boast and fuel pressure gauges, mounted on the pillar, keep the driver well informed.

Writing about the Dominator GT is one thing, driving the car is quite another. I had the opportunity to drive a Grabber Blue LT2 Dominator GT-8 over 390 miles recently. It was quite a trip. Last winter Jeff and Julie invited me to join them for the third annual Shelby Fest, held in Hermann, Missouri, about 188 miles east of Lee’s Summit and about 1½ hours west of St. Louis. Upon my arrival at the R&A facility I spotted two new 2010 Dominator GTs, a Candy Red GT-6 and a Grabber Blue GT-8. The GT-8 had just returned from ProCharger with the new supercharger tuned and ready for the trip. Jeff handed me the keys and said, “Here is your car for the weekend!” The first thing I noticed was the tasteful striping that really adds to the overall look of the car. It did not take long to spot the Shelby Performance alloy wheels, 20x9 inch front and 20x10 rear. The Dominator sports Pirelli performance radials, 255/35ZR20s on the front with huge 285/30ZR20s on the back.

Spotting the Baer Brake calipers and the drilled, slotted and zinc finished rotors, I knew the Dominator GT-8 would stop in a very short distance no matter what speed it was traveling when the brake pedal was applied. With 500 horsepower, that was very reassuring!

The trip to Shelby Fest was one fun ride in the road hungry Dominator GT-8. The steering was fast and direct and the body control with the R&A developed suspension is astounding! The ride is supple and there is not anything that throws it off. I was able to cut through the turns on the secondary roads leading to I-70 without any problem. The live rear axle handles the pitching and pocked pavement with sure-footed poise.

The Dominator is quick and when the ProCharger kicks in, this car rocks. I never had a problem passing anybody on the Interstate. I was happy to notice that neither the supercharger nor the exhaust produce were too loud so I could listen to the Sirius Satellite radio tunes from all decades, without any problem. This car was equipped with an automatic that I found to be very capable of handing the extra power without any problems and did not detract from the Dominator’s performance in any way.

Ford has come a long way with their automatic transmissions and the trip to Shelby Fest more than validated that point. Once on I-70 the Dominator rode well and I was impressed with how tight the Mustang felt.

After hearing glowing reports about Shelby Fest from Jeff and Julie Yergovich I was anxious to attend the event. The 13 miles to Hermann after exiting the Interstate on Route 119 provided another opportunity to enjoy the Dominator’s excellent suspension and the overall balance of the Mustang. The car never gets out of shape or bounces through turns, no matter how many bumps are present.

Entering the town of Hermann it is easy to see why it is a favorite getaway for many people in the Midwest. There are numerous bed and breakfasts, quaint shops and restaurants and a bakery that features “out of this world” donuts, across the street from our wonderful host hotel, the Wine Valley Inn. The town provides the perfect backdrop for Shelby Fest. The event was founded three years ago by Kyle Caraway, a Shelby enthusiast who hails from Columbia, Missouri. Assisted by his lovely wife Stacey along with Greg and Geri Howe, Jim Reese, and a host of hard working volunteers, Kyle has built Shelby Fest into a very enjoyable event. It is easy to understand why the Yergovich’s have been so supportive of the event. Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel glad you came to Hermann. This year the city closed down a number of streets to facilitate the growing number of vehicles. Last year the event was held at Hermann Ford, but the word has spread and attendance has grown, requiring the move to the city streets. Each street has a number of interesting shops and places to eat, some with cool names like, “Time for Pie.” For those of us who like wings, “Wing a –Blazin” is the perfect lunch stop.

After our arrival, a crowd gathered around the Grabber Blue Dominator. The same thing happened when the Candy Red GT-6 arrived. The dual exhaust note of the V6 is pleasing to the ear as the R&A people have engineered a great system for the car. I should note that the V6 is well contended and priced right. Too many times performance Mustangs are priced out of the car’s target market, this is not the case with either Dominator model.

The Dominators drew a crowd all weekend along side of pretty impressive automobiles, including Shelbys from all years 1966 to the present, Ford GTs and a nice selection of vintage and late-model Mustangs.

The event concluded on Sunday morning after a banquet breakfast at Hermann Ford. We thanked Kyle Caraway and everyone for a memorable time, fired up the supercharged 4.6-liter engine and headed up Route 119. The Dominator GT-8 made the trip back a fun afternoon and all too soon we arrived at our destination. I hated to give the keys back to Jeff.

I have driven a lot of performance Mustangs and can truthfully say I enjoyed the Grabber Blue Dominator GT-8, it is a well turned out automobile that looks great, goes fast, stops quickly and offers crisp, responsive handling. It delivers a whole lot of fun per mile. The Dominator GT-8 is a real road car that can be enjoyed in any driving application.

Dominator Mustangs can be purchased at any dealer across the country. First order the Mustang GT or V6 of your choice, then tell the dealer to use the Ford ship through code, 53C015. This will get your Mustang shipped to Bob Sight Ford, right next to R&A Motorsports in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. After your Mustang has been, ordered contact Noel Jennings at R&A to build your Dominator. You can build the Dominator to your specs adding many options that are available. After it is finished, you can fly to Kansas City and take delivery at R&A Motorsports, or have the car shipped back to your Ford dealer.

This year there will be a Dominator Reunion August 29 at the Ford Fest held at Kansas City International Raceway. A great event to attend with a new Dominator GT!

Dominator GT Performance Levels
The Dominator GT-8 and V6 are on sale now in these performance and content levels.

• Serialized VIN plate
• Unique Dominator emblems, badging and stripes
• Exhaust upgrade/four-inch double walled chrome tips
• Cold air intake
• Customized gauge cluster
• C-pillar scoops
• Blackout deck lid panel
• Ducktail spoiler
• Shelby 20x9 front and 20x10 rear performance wheels
• Pirelli 255/35ZR20 performance radials–front
• Pirelli 285/30Z20 performance radials–back
• Baer Brake drilled, slotted, zinc finished rotors
Package Price – $6,895

• All GTL1 equipment plus:
• ProCharger supercharger
• A-pillar gauges- boost and fuel pressure
• A-pillar gauge pod
• HT0 spark plugs
Package Price – $15,595

• All GTL1 and GTL2 equipment plus:
• Full length headers
• Baer Big Brake Package
• ProCharger pulley and belt upgrade
• High Performance suspension
• Racing wheel lugs
Package Price – $24,995

V6 Performance Levels and Content

• Serialized VIN plate
• Unique Dominator emblems, badging and stripes
• Customized dash appliqué
• Ducktail spoiler
• Cold air kit
• C-Pillar scoops
• Blackout deck lid panel
Package Price – $3,965

• All V6L1 equipment plus:
• Dual exhaust update
• High Performance suspension
• Special engine tune
Package Price – $6,395

• All V6 L1 and V6L2 equipment plus:
• ProCharger supercharger
• HT0 spark plugs
Package Price – $12,995


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