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A new Cobra? - Iconic AC partnership creates new car

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We already have the German built AC MkVI - now, there's the American Iconic AC...

ICONIC Motors and AC have partnered to create the Iconic AC roadster - a  new car with Cobra-inspired retro styling. The company described it as a 'modern-era muscle car which pays tribute to its historic brethren via its appearance while showcasing the technological advancements of today underneath its skin.' What you need to know is that it packs 825bhp and 680lb ft, thanks to a slug of 6.8-litre Detroit V8.

The Iconic AC Roadster has a claimed top speed of 210mph and will hit 60mph in less than three seconds, before covering a quarter mile in under nine seconds, and made its world debut at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours. And it's now on sale.

The car, which will go on sale later in 2010 is sure to prove controversial in Cobra enthusiast circles. But as it's primarily aimed at the US market, it should not affect sales of the promising German-made AC MkVI. 'The ICONIC AC Roadster is more than just a car, it’s among the world’s most refined and beautifully designed super cars. It’s the lightest, strongest, most well engineered, high performance roadster of our time. The engine, drive train, support electronics and overall chassis make this one of the most complete vehicle packages on the market today and is made right here in the USA,” said Claudio Ballard, chairman and founder, ICONIC Motors.

For more information and videos, visit the Iconic website.


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