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The Porsche Boxster has received a useful power boost...

Mid-engined Porsches used to shine in the Targa Florio, so in a burst of retro fever Porsche revealed its updated Boxster in Sicily. In a slight re-write of history and metallicisation of paint, some examples even sported a Gulf-like colour scheme while a fresh-faced Porsche designer explained how the Boxster's now 12-year-old curves aped those of a 550 Spyder.Up to a point, anyway. More to the point is that the Boxster has the same new engines as the Cayman, albeit with 10bhp less and, sadly, a quieter exhaust. The faux-Gulf car pictured here, a 3.4-litre, 310bhp Boxster S with direct injection, had optional racing seats (more comfortable than the standard items) and optional seven-speed PDK transmission, whose up-down steering-wheel buttons continue to confuse. And don't fall for the economy claims; it's all down to the interstellar gearing in seventh.This latest Boxster is a predictably feelgood drive, with a creamy power delivery, ample pace (0-62mph in 5.2 seconds) and a delicious balance. The structure feels solid roof-down, the wind roar is considerable roof-up. And at £40,388 for the S it's still cheaper than a Cayman, although the closed car pleases the purist more.


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