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BRDC delegates HSC to Motor Racing Legends

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The British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) has passed the running of its Historic Sportscar Championship on to the historic motor sport organiser Motor Racing Legends.

Motor Racing Legends has already begun introducing several changes to the series to improve the competition.

Duncan Wiltshire, Chairman of Motor Racing Legends, has a series of changes already in motion for the Historic Sportscar Championship 'The BRDC Historic Sportscars will be run as a series of invitation races, and no longer as a Championship.' This method of invitation will ensure that cars are in keeping with the atmosphere of the series.

Motor Racing Legends plans to encourage as many pre-1959 sports cars as possible, in order to keep competition equal and encourage owners of original cars to compete.

There are also plans for longer races, which prove more popular among competitors, particularly those with two drivers per car, as drivers experience more track time and costs can be split.

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