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Back to the USSR - Report: SALT 3 ‘Yorkshire Raid’, Yorkshire, June 5-7

  • Dave McCann, from Anglesey, fills up his 1989 Trabant 601 with fuel. 'I’m always frightening garage attendants by putting the pump under the bonnet. They think the car’s about to blow up!' - 0
  • SALT 3 cars form an impressive guard of honour for the Yorkshire Air Museum’s Handley Page Victor nuclear strike bomber nicknamed Lusty Lindy! - 1
  • Tatra T603, often used for military and governmental duties within Eastern Bloc nations, looks the part with the Yorkshire Air Museum’s Bedford ‘Green Goddess’ self-propelled pump standing to attention behind it. - 2
  • 1989 Wartburg 1.3 sports a four-stroke Volkswagen engine; the East German manufacturer built Polo engines for VW during the 1980s and part of its payment was to keep a few to fit to its own cars. - 3
  • You’re being watched! Julian Nowill, alongside his Volga 3102, add his steely gaze to that of the local CCTV cameras. - 4
  • Pretty 1965 Skoda Octavia was the only one of its kind on SALT 3 - 5
  • How often do you see five Trabants together at a British classic car event? - 6
  • A Tatra 603 looks amazing from any angle, but it’s the split-screen rear that is the most striking of all. This 1964 example belongs to event organiser Allen Walker. - 7
  • Bill and Sarah Swan get into the spirit of things with their 1968 GAZ 69M, which is often used in military re-enactments by the Rolling Thunder group they both belong to. - 8
  • Prior to the bringing down of the Iron Curtain, something like this ex-presidential Tatra 613S limo would have sounded alarm bells at RAF Holmpton, with its secret nuclear bunker. In 2009 though, only the local civilian police were concerned by it... - 9
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The Iron Curtain was raised again in Yorkshire when a variety of Communist-built machines infiltrated assorted military sites as part of the SALT 3 tour...

Eastern Yorkshire looked more like Eastern Europe recently when the SALT 3 rally turned back the clock to the Cold War era and brought Tatras, Ladas, Trabants, Skodas, Volgas and GAZ and other Socialist superstars to the area. The USSR cars looked perfectly at home as they visited military museums such as RAF Holmpton nuclear bunker and Fort Paull near Hull, and the Yorkshire Air Museum just outside York; so much so in fact that they were invited in to be exhibits themselves.The three-day event attracted some unusual and fascinating vehicles such as a flag-adorned ex-Czechoslovakian presidential Tatra 613S stretched limousine (which was pulled over by local police worried there was a diplomatic visit taking place they didn’t know about), an East German GAZ 69M formerly the property of the East German army and a very imposing Volga 3102. There were also five Trabants, bringing the distinctive sounds of their popping two-stroke engines and a slight blue fog to the Yorkshire countryside. Next year’s SALT 4 rally will take place around Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire from June 4 to 6. It’s open to any suitable classic built before the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, whether NATO or Warsaw Pact. More details on


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