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Beauty has its price - Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

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Prices have been announced for the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. Be prepared to dig deep.

Thanks to its delicious looks, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competitizione has captured the hearts of a generation of enthusiasts - and not just Alfisti...

With the initial run of 500 Competitziones already sold out across the world, Alfa Romeo will commence  delivery of a second batch of open-tops, called the 8C Spider. Styling, as always is subjective - but the initial feedback from potential buyers is that the Spider is even more attractive than the coupe original. And that means Alfa Romeo can charge a premium for the new variant - £174,000 in the UK (compared with £123,000 for the Competitzione). Despite this - and the ongoing credit crash, expect it to sell-out quickly.


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