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Taking a look at 2x4 Basics' workbench kit.

By Michael Boulton.

If you are like many of us, the economy has not been friendly to our wallets.  However, every time I walk into my disheveled garage I feel like I have lost my “man-card.”  It is in need of organization, shelving and a work bench.  There are plenty of options for upgrading my garage, but they range from cheap and junky to expense and ‘off-limits.’  After some searching I ran across 2x4 Basics.  It gives you the all the difficult to make ingredients so all you need to do is visit your local hardware store to pick up the 2x4’s and the 4x8 sheets of plywood.

Before taking on the project, I thought I would plan ahead.  I looked at the 2x4 Basics website to get some ideas (  I knew I wanted a workbench and some shelves so I got the WorkBench Legs and the ShelfLinks, looked at the rather simple directions and took some length and width measurements I wanted for my new set-up.  With that being said, I told my doubtful wife that I was going to build new shelves and a workbench in the garage.  A sigh and an ‘okay’ was given, as she was certain that the project would either be a disaster or at least unfinished for months to come.  Of course this time I was up for the challenge.

The next morning I took the measurements and the calculated the number of 2x4s and 4x8 sheets of plywood to my local hardware store.  Since the screws and directions were included in the packaging of the WorkBench Legs and the ShelfLinks, I knew the wood was all I needed.  Of course I was thinking ahead and requested to have the plywood and peg board cut to the size I wanted while I was at the hardware store, ensuring that the cuts would straight and to save a lot of assembly time.  Once I got home, all I needed was a drill, a Philips-head drill bit, a 3/8" drill bit, and a circular saw (or hand saw) to cut the 2x4s to the length I needed.  Essentially, I went to the hardware store at 8:15AM returned home at 9:15AM and got to work right away.  By 3:30PM that same day, you can see the results of my handy-work with the before and after shots.

From somebody who really does not want to spend a lot of time and/or money on building some great looking updates for my garage, this was a great option.  I spent $180 on lumber plus the minimal expense of the 2x4 Basics kits and part of a day … and poof, I have a garage that my neighbors have already grunted over.  Not bad for a rookie.  The only problem; my wife thinks I am much handier than I really am, so guess what happened to the ‘honey-do’ list.  Don’t worry, the payoff is better all around. 


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