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by Bruce Caldwell  More from Author

Vernon Anderson's 2007 Roush 427-R

The present generation Mustang GT is a very impressive car just as it sits on the showroom floor. When tuner companies such as Roush work their magic the wow factor increases dramatically. A 2007 Roush 427-R should be enough to please almost any Mustang enthusiast, but Vernon and Tammy Anderson of Claremore, Oklahoma, aren’t your average Mustang enthusiasts.

Vernon and Tammy are a lot like their cars—supercharged. The couple owns a stable of high performance Mustangs and they’re always looking to make great cars even better. That’s why they took their Hugger Orange 2007 Roush 427-R to Will Williams and the talented crew at Tulsa Car FX in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Andersons’ directive was for Will to make their Roush look better and go faster.

In the appearance department the lower rear valence was converted to a Roush 3-piece square conversion kit with a large Roush logo. The huge rectangular exhaust tips and the big “ROUSH” letters between the tips make it clear to other motorists that they didn’t just get their doors blown off by some ordinary Mustang.

The original F-150 style antenna was replaced with a 12-inch shorty antenna. A black and silver honeycomb panel surrounds the “427 Stage” gas filler cap. The factory-textured rear view mirrors were smoothed and painted Hugger Orange.

The Roush 427-R came with a supercharger, but Tulsa Car FX added an improved Roush axle-back off-road exhaust system. The factory catalytic converters were replaced with SLP Hi-Flow cats. Now the Mustang sounds as awesome as its acceleration. A 449 hp pulley upgrade kit was installed. Better off-the-line performance was improved with the addition of a set of 3.73:1 gears. The ECM was returned to Roush for reprogramming and a set of colder spark plugs were installed.

The Andersons are very pleased with their Roush 427-R now that it’s better than great.


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