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Big and bold - Retro Classics Stuttgart

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The second Stuttgart Retro Classic show promises to be even bigger and better...

For its second year at the new Messe Stuttgart exhibition halls, the Stuttgart Retro Classics event shows ‘no sign of recession’ according to Roland Bleinroth, head of the new venue. Up from 700 last year, 1050 exhibitors will be presenting over 2500 historic vehicles at the show, and for the first time, the show will fill the stunning new venue. Retro Classics organizer Ulrich Hermann identified the fresh-for-2009 Motorsport hall as being ‘the heart of the show’ and added ‘Ferrari and Abarth are featured marques this year, plus there’s a display of 100 years of Bugatti and 60 years of Unimog. In addition, we have the only showing in Germany this year from the Porsche heritage collection.’

An expansion of the youngtimer and neo-classic - modern supercars such as Spyker and Pagani, Relux and Artega – areas will ‘add a further dimension to the show.’ The show runs from 13-15 March with easy walking access from Stuttgart airport, and a 14 Euro entry price. The proximity of the show to the new Porsche Museum, and the Mercedes-Benz Museum may mean you want to spend a little longer in Stuttgart, so call Travel Point on +49 (0) 7131 888 4888 to ask about flight/hotel and entry packages. Further show details at


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