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German Touring Car event forces popular Revival into cancellation...

Ronny G. Bredhauer, Chief Organiser of the Jim Clark Revival will not be taking place. The popular event, which is a highlight on the race calendar at Hockenheim has confirmed that the needs of the DTM Championship has squeezed out the JCR.

He said: 'We already had to give up our traditional JCR date (the last weekend in April) to the DTM in October 2008, we were now “chased away” from our second possible JCR date, May 14-17, 2009 because of the DTM. You can all imagine the immense kind of workload, costs and time which involves the postponement of an event of this size – not to mention the essential “goodwill” of all participating race series, automobile clubs, traders and exhibitors, sponsors, hotels, Guinness World Record office

'A renewed JCR postponement to the original date end of April, as suggested now once again by the Hockenheimring, is unfortunately not longer possible since our topclass “regular race series” have already concluded agreements with other event organisers. Without the participation of such attractive race series like the FiA - F 1, FiA - Lurani, Formula Ford, F 2, Supersports, Group C, GTC-TC, the ATS Formel 3 Cup, the Formula Renault, etc., the JCR would unfortunately suffer.'

He added: 'I will not voice my personal opinion in written form about this unbelievable course of action at this point. For now my point of view: “I feel this is …….…” therefore just “without words”. How a person feels when five years of intensive work is destroyed with such a “surprise coup” – I do not think I have to comment on this any further.'

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