Brawn GP/Mercedes deal - Mercedes-Benz returns to F1

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Mercedes-Benz takes a majority stake of the Brawn GP team to make its return in 2010 as an F1 constructor…

Mercedes-Benz is flying in the face of F1 fashion by committing an entry into the 2010 Grand Prix season. The team has taken a 75.1% stake in Brawn GP and the Silver Arrows will be making a return to F1 as a constructor after over 50 years away.

Mercedes-Benz(together with its Abu Dhabi investors, Aabar Investments) will rename Ross Brawn's team to reflect its ownership status. Mercedes Grand Prix retains Ross Brawn(who will remain as team principal) and Nick Fry (Brawn’s current CEO), and they keep 24.9% of shares in the company.  This leaves McLaren to buy back Mercedes-Benz's 40% (in a deal that should be concluded in 2011) holding in the company, as the Woking equipe sets about becoming a car manufacturer in its own right. Mercedes-Benz management always had the ambition to take ownership of McLaren, seeing its role as more important than being an engine supplier and technical partner. The rumour doing the rounds at the moment is that McLaren will buy BMW's F1 engine department and take them in-house.

It is believed that Jenson Button will partner Lewis Hamilton at McLaren in 2010, while Nico Rosberg will head up Mercedes Grand Prix's effort.

That leaves Brawn GP's historic legacy as a single-season effort, the likes of which we are unlikely ever to see again.


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