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F1 to stage first ever night race

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Singapore has been officially confirmed as the first ever Formula One night race in 2008. September 26 will see the FIA descend on Singapore for three days of midnight racing.

Singapore also marks the addition of a second street race to the F1 calendar. The 5.1kmcircuit joins Monaco as a challenging street race, but organisers promise that the track will be wide enough to offer plenty of overtaking opportunities. It is also one of only three grands prix to run anticlockwise.

Colin Syn, deputy Chairman of Singapore GP, said 'After months of poring over the drawing board, we are now one step closer to our dream. However, there is no time to celebrate, it is now full speed ahead for us to get this race on the road.'

In addition to the Singapore Grand Prix, F1 officials have also announced a 10-year freeze on engine development from 2008. Certain components of the engine are exempt, and there is also the possibility for alterations after five years, but only following a unanimous agreement from F1 shareholders.


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