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by Bruce Caldwell  More from Author

An A-1 C1

Dan Gernstein knows a thing or two about fiberglass since he runs A-1 Fiberglass. One of his customers is Mike Walker at Street Rods Only in Macon, Illinois, so it’s no surprise that Dan ended up with this screaming yellow SRO-built custom ’59 Corvette. This beautiful C1 is another example of how Mike and his crew meld classic styling with modern mechanical components.

Two things jump out when you first see this car. The first is the eye-searing yellow color that was custom mixed and shot at Street Rods Only. The second item is the sinister street rod-style ground-hugging stance. The paint was added on, but the stance was designed into the custom chassis.

SRO builds their frames from 2x4-inch rectangular steel in a purpose-built chassis jig. The frames are designed to accept C4 suspension components and allow ample room for oversized wheels, tires and brakes. Aldan coilover shocks are used on all four corners. The power brakes are from the same C4 as the rest of the suspension. A Maval Engineering power rack provides good handling and driving ease. The rearend is a Dana 36 unit.

The unique wheels resemble stock wheel covers, but they’re custom made out of T6 6061 aluminum by EVOD Industries. The true knock-off wheels are 18x10 in back and 17x8 in front.

The interior of Dan’s car is as stylish as the exterior thanks to the creative talents of the upholstery department at Street Rods Only. The two-tone light brown and crème leather compliments the bright yellow on the dashboard and center console. A unique feature of the interior is the built-in GPS system. The tilt steering column is a Flaming River unit. The gauges are from Classic Instruments. Just so the driver doesn’t forget what provides the power and how much, LS7 and 505 HP are engraved on the speedometer trim plate.

The engine info is repeated on the custom rocker covers inside the super clean engine compartment. The firewall is smooth because the master brake cylinder is hidden under the dash. The engine is backed by a 4L60E automatic transmission. The engine is cooled by a custom PRC radiator that’s supplemented by two SPAL electric fans. An aftermarket air conditioning unit provides interior cooling. The car has a convertible top.

Dan Gernstein knows how to successfully mix business with pleasure. He works with fiberglass at A-1 and in his spare time he plays with this fabulous fiberglass creation.


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