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Fiennes' US parts haul - Royce restorers acquire American parts

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Fiennes Restoration has acquired a substantial number of original Rolls-Royce parts from American historic car restorers Vintage Garage.

The oldest pre-war Rolls-Royce vehicle conservation and restoration UK specialist, Fiennes Restoration, has acquired a substantial number of original Rolls-Royce parts and bespoke tooling from American historic car restorers Vintage Garage.

Oxfordshire-based Fiennes Restoration, whose manufacturing and rebuilding skills bring back to original condition Rolls-Royces made between 1906 and 1940, has long been established in the UK as the restorer at the cutting edge of technology: the company’s wide-ranging use of state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines is complemented by the expertise of its coachbuilders, craftsmen and technicians.  

'Vintage Garage's Frank Cooke took delivery of one of the truck-loads containing pre-war car parts, which had been shipped after Rolls-Royce originally wound up in 1971 and large stocks were distributed around the world,' explains Will Fiennes, Fiennes Restoration’s managing director.

‘We fulfil demand for impeccable restoration of pre-war Rolls-Royces in the UK but we also supply American and other restorers with obsolete and rare parts: the acquisition of Vintage Garage’s range of parts and valuable tooling further enhances our capacity to manufacture and supply anything, from engine bearing shells to cylinder heads.'

As a result of the  acquisition, a range of new parts for later cars (such as Phantom lll and Wraith) has become available: from stub axles and suspension arms to rear axle drive shafts and gears. In addition, the tooling will enable Fiennes Restoration to produce more easily many - hitherto unavailable - parts for the Silver Ghost.


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