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Gallery: Building The Alcan Highway

  • Bridge for the Alcan Highway construction built over a tributary of the Peace River. - 0
  • Mastermind of the Alcan was Brigadier General W.H. Hoge, officer commanding the U.S. forces building the road. - 1
  • Caterpillar tractor cutting a road through the forest for the Alcan Highway. - 2
  • Bulldozer knocking down trees, cutting a roadway for the Alcan Highway. - 3
  • Caterpillar tractor with grader widening the roadway of the Alcan Highway. - 4
  • Caterpillar tractor pushing grader over a section of the Alcan Highway. - 5
  • Dumping mud into the side of the highway and widening the road, along the Alcan Highway. - 6
  • First truck to go over the rough cordurouy road along the Alcan Highway route was an Army jeep. - 7
  • Caterpillar tractor breaking up the ground for the grading of the Alcan Highway. - 8
  • Grading part of the roadway along the Alcan Highway. - 9
  • Two graders at work on levelling the roadbed for the Alcan Highway. - 10
  • Levelling the road along the Alcan Highway route with a grader tractor. - 11
  • Trucks loading up at the gravel dump. - 12
  • Bringing in trucks and supplies by flatcar for building the Alcan Highway. - 13
  • Dump trucks lined along the road with gravel to fill in the road along the Alcan Highway route. - 14
  • Army trucks along the Alcan Highway form stiff competition for the local dogsled transportation. - 15
  • Supplies for building the Alcan Highway being transported by stern-wheeler. - 16
  • Trains bring in supplies for the men working on the Alcan Highway. - 17
  • Army trucks at southern sector headquarters, along the Alcan Highway route. - 18
  • Army staff car along the Alcan Highway. - 19
  • A stretch in the Alcan Highway which connects Edmonton, Canada, with Fairbanks (Fort Nelson), Alaska. - 20
  • Men who are building the Alcan Highway, back in camp repairing tires and trucks. - 21
  • One of the first camps along the Alcan Highway route. A sawmill supplies building materials and wood for fires. - 22
  • Opening ceremonies of the Alcan Highway at Soldiers' Summit. - 23
  • Opening ceremonies of the Alcan Highway at Soldiers' Summit. - 24
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by Brian Medford  More from Author

A highway with history.

The Alaska-Canada Highway (nicknamed Alcan) was one of the most overwhelming undertakings on North American soil during World War II. The invasion of Pearl Harbor and possible threat of invasion revived old plans for building a road to Alaska. On March 8, 1942 official construction of the road began. In the matter of only seven months soldiers carved 1,680 miles of crude roadway from Dawson Creek to Delta Junction. On October 28, 1942 the road was completed, but was not "officially" completed until the ceremony at Soldier's Summit on November 21. These photos are just a glimpse of the story behind this great road.


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