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Green and Noble to do it again - 1000mph land speed record attempt

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Andy Green and Richard Noble are going for the land speed record again... and are aiming for 1000mph in Bloodhound SSC.

It's twelve years since Andy Green drove the Thrust SSC through the sound barrier to break the World Land Speed Record, raising the bar to 763.053mph – and now the team has reunited to have another go, and the target of 1000mph.

Starting with an 800mph bid in 2009, the car will be continuously developed, with a 900mph run in 2010 and the ultimate goal of 1000mph will be aimed for in 2011. The venue for the record runs is to be confirmed, but Black Rock Desert, Nevada, the scene of Green's record with Thrust SSC, is on the shortlist. Obstacles to the record being a success are the £10m funding that's required, and three rival cars – but Green and Noble are optimistic about the project, which goes under the name of Bloodhound's, chances. Richard Noble OBE, Project Director, commented: “There has never been anything like Bloodhound SSC before. It is undoubtedly the most stimulating and challenging programme I’ve ever been involved with. The next three years are going to be tough, testing and damned exciting!”

The project will result in a jet, rocket and piston-engined car that is 12.8m long and 6400kg, and is based in Filton, Bristol. Unlike rival programmes, it will be fully viewable both online, at principal sponsor, STP's, website, and at the factory.


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