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Green and extreme? - Bentley Continental 'extreme'

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Bentley's latest variation of the Continental claims to be its fastest, greenest car ever...

We've been waiting for this moment for a long time – but Bentley has finally unveiled a new car that makes a respectful nod to the needs of the environment, as well as the driver. That's the spin on the latest Continental, which according to Bentley, is a biofuel-powered 'new' model in tune with the times.

However, the new model's arrival on the scene is as much to do with the company's desire to reduce its range-wide CO2 output, without a trade-off in performance or desirability. As we're assuming it's not a TDI-powered Continental (although do expect a variation on that theme in the medium term), but probably an E85 bio-methanol fueled version, that will mean more power, and a higher top speed.

Bentley's statement is short and sweet – a sign, perhaps, that we'll be drip fed further previews in the run up to its launch, at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

‘On 3 March at the 2009 International Geneva Motor Show, Bentley will reveal its fastest, most powerful production car ever. Delivering supercar performance, this new model is very much the extreme Bentley. Importantly it will run on biofuel, delivering stage one of Bentley's environmental commitment and pioneering the use of this fuel in the luxury sector.’


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