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Hall Of Fame Corvettes

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by Bruce Caldwell  More from Author

A Dream Team Of A Dozen Outstanding Corvettes

Scattered throughout this publication are twelve Corvettes that we’ve dubbed Hall of Fame Corvettes. They’re a dream dozen made up of individual superstars that any Corvette enthusiast would love to own. The Chevrolet Corvette has always been positioned as a high performance sports car and these cars represent the best of the best.

The Chevrolet Corvette is such a great car that “best of” lists can be difficult to compile. The Corvette can be evaluated on many levels. Performance statistics can be used although those figures are somewhat relative since they weren’t obtained under uniform conditions. But, even though there weren’t standardized tests, fast is still fast and these Corvettes are fast.

Performance is the key unifying factor for the cars on our Hall of Fame list. Chevrolet quickly figured out that performance sells cars. All they had to do was compare the lackluster sales of the ’53-’55 Corvettes to the much more potent ’56-’57 models.

Merit based on recent selling prices is another way to delineate great Corvettes, but in today’s red-hot collector car market those numbers can change rapidly. All the cars on this list are excellent investments even though some are so rare that only a handful of fortunate collectors will ever own them.

These are Corvettes that were highlight models when new and have maintained that status level. A few nominees have suffered minor popularity and value doldrums, but they bounced back energetically. Several of these Corvettes are ones most of us knew were destined for extraordinary price increases, but we failed to act on those hunches. Few people ever imagined that prices could or would reach their current levels.

The rhetorical question is: if prices are this strong now where will they be in five or ten years? A simple answer is if you can afford one of these Hall of Fame Corvettes buy it. We seriously doubt you’ll ever regret it. Even on the rare chance that prices decline you’ll still own one of the world’s most desirable Corvettes. 

Our dozen Hall of Fame Corvettes span forty years. The first series ’53-’55 models aren’t represented because they came up short in the performance department. That doesn’t mean they’re less desirable, but they’re desirable for other reasons.

Post 1996 Corvettes weren’t included because of their newness. Like any hall of fame, the passing of time is a selection component. There’s no doubt that several post ’96 Corvettes are destined for Hall of Fame status. Like sports figures, the great ones are evident pretty early. Some of these rising car stars will be highlighted in the article on future collectibles.

Individual opinions are what make a horse race or any other competitive event; so if you own and grow tired of any of the Corvettes on this dream team, please send them to the editors at the address listed on the masthead. We’ll gladly pay for shipping.







Corvettes are frequently referred to by generations, such as a C4 or a C5 Corvette. The generations are delineated as follows.

C1       1953 to 1962

C2       1963 to 1967

C3       1968 to 1982

C4       1984 to 1996 (The all-new ’84 was introduced in March 1983 and met all 1984 federal regulations so Chevy decided to skip the 1983 model year and make ’84 an extra long production run)

C5       1997 to 2004

C6       2005 to present



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