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Harley J. Earl Corvette Secures $925,000 bid - Report: Mecum, Indianapolis, USA

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Selling more than 1000 vehicles at its 23rd 'Spring Classic Auction', Mecum raised a total of $41.7m.

Selling more than 1000 cars at its 23rd Spring Classic Auction, Mecum raised a total of $41.7m over the entire five-day auction. 

This year's top-selling vehicle was the 1963 Harley J. Earl Corvette, which sold for $ 925,000. Featuring a 327 cubic inch engine, the Corvette boasts a 4-speed manual transmission; distinct dual instrument panels and stainless steel side-exit exhausts, exterior emblems, interior control knobs and four-wheel disc brakes that are all pre-production 1965 parts.  A hand-written number code inside the door trim panel confirms Shop Order (S.O.) 10323, indicating a special hand-built, one-of-a-kind Corvette.

'A high-energy crowd and eager bidders participated in our flagship Original Spring Classic Auction, which had a final sell-through rate of 66%,' said President Dana Mecum. 'As our largest annual event, we strive to give enthusiasts a wide variety of vehicles to see, enjoy and purchase. The buildings at the Indiana State Fairgrounds were packed wall to wall with everything from rare pace cars, exotic Mercedes-Benz and Model Ts to wooden boats, tractors and neon signs. There truly was something for every taste and budget.'


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