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Haynes to launch new GT Cup Series - Haynes GT Cup

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Marc Haynes, of Haynes International Motor Museum, has launched a new GT Cup race series in collaboration with Motor Sport Vision Racing (MSVR).

The PRO-MIL GT CUP is specifically aimed at GTC cars as front-runners, and the introductory race is due to be held at Snetterton from November 3-4.

Still in the early stages, the exact regulations are to be refined over the winter, but each weekend will consist of a 30 minute practice on the Saturday, followed by 15 minutes of qualifying. The Sunday race will be a 30 minute double-header format, which allows either single or double driver entries.

The top class will see the likes of the Ferrari 360, Marcos Mantis and Porsche GT3, while Class Two is expected to attract worthy competitors such as the Porsche 993 RS and Ferrari F355 – which should make for some very real competition between both classes.

Interest has been sufficient to ensure at least a 20-strong grid for November's opening race, which will be broadcast on Motors TV over the weekend.


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