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Models, Colors, and Years…There’s a Mustang Registry for Everyone

Mustang registries take the idea of being in a Mustang club one step further by breaking out into groups that are dedicated to colors, models, years – anything is possible. They are made up of Mustang enthusiasts who want to help document Mustang history, help others with repairs and restoration, or simply just chat with other owners. Take a look at the list we’ve put together, if you see a registry that interests you, check it out.

1964½ - 1966 Ford Mustang Registry

The goal of this registry is to gather information relating to factory equipment and owner history on 1964½ - 1966 Mustangs.

289 High Performance Classic Mustang

Hi Performance (HiPo), or K-code Mustang owners can research or add their own 289 K-Code Mustang to this registry.

California Special Registry & High Country Special Registry

Owners of California Specials and High Country Specials can register their cars and network with other owners through this registry.

Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Registry

This registry is strictly for 1968-1970 Cobra Jet Mustangs. Warranty Plate (1968-1969) or Vehicle Certification Label (1970) information, as well as original factory options is collected. Approximately 2,548 1968-1970 Mustang 428 Cobra Jets are currently registered.

S-Code Mustang Registry

The S-Code Mustang was the first big block Mustang produced by Ford. During a three-year production period (1967-1969)approximately 50,655 were produced.

1969 Mustang Registry

All makes, models, and colors, as long as the Mustang is a 1969 model year.

1969 Ford Mustang Limited Edition 600 Registry

In May of 1969 the Philadelphia sales district created this Limited Edition Pony. The original plan was for 600 units to be produced. Only 503 Limited Edition 600s were sold. The 600s could be ordered in Flower Power Red or Groovy Green and were hardtops or SportsRoofs.

1969 Mustang “S” Code World Registry

The goal of this registry is to bring awareness to the fact that the 390 big block was offered in the 1969 Mustang. If you have a 1969 Mustang with an “S” in the fifth digit of the VIN number, then your Mustang is an “S” code car.

Boss 429 Mustang World Registry

This registry was started in 1974. Their goal is to compile accurate historical information about the Boss 429 Mustangs.

1970 Mustang Mach 1 Registry

Limited to the 1970 Mach 1 Mustang with owners participating from around the world.

1972 Mustang Sprint Registry

The Sprint Décor Option Group was available in the spring and early summer of 1972. It was a promotion to celebrate the 1972 Olympics. The 1972 Sprints featured a white, white, and blue color scheme and special U.S.A. badging.

Mustang II Registry

All 1974-1978 Mustang IIs are welcome in this registry. The registry is global and contains Mustang IIs from all over the world.

Mustang 5.0 LX Registry

This registry if for 1979 to 1993 5.0 Mustangs with an emphasis on LX models.

Special Service Package Mustang Registry

This group is “dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and sharing of information on 1982-1993 Special Service Package

1982-1993 Mustang GT Registry

Third generation Mustang GTs with a focus on collecting data to build an extensive database containing production information, details on individual cars, and documentation of production variances, etc. to aid in future restorations and for future reference as 1982-1993 GTs move into collector status. More than 5,300 third generation GTs are currently registered.

SVO Registry

This is a searchable registry designed to help track 1984-1986 SVOs. The registry also ties into the SVO Club of America.

1992 Feature Mustangs

A 1992 Feature Mustang is Vibrant Red convertible with a white top (the only 1992 model in this color) with mirrors that are body color, the moldings on the top of the door, top of the rear quarter panel, and the trim around the front windshield are all body color. Instead of a luggage rack there is a rear spoiler. Inside the white leather seats have black piping, the door panels are white, the carpeting is black and the dash is also black. Wheels are white five-spoke 16 inchers Opal pearlescent.

1993 Feature Mustang Registry

These Mustangs had Vibrant White or Canary Yellow exteriors and white or black leather interiors. White convertibles had white tops and yellow cars had black tops. White cars had white wheels and yellow cars had chrome wheels.

2001, 2008, 2009 Bullitt Registries

International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club. All Bullitt owners are welcome.

2003-2004 Mach 1 Registry

Dedicated to 2003-2004 Mach 1s.

Special Vehicle Team Registry

Any SVT vehicles are invited to register on this site. That includes, Mustangs, Focus, Lightenings, Shelbys, etc.

Blue Mustang Registry

It doesn’t matter what year, or whether you own a Ford Mustang, Roush, Saleen, Steeda, or live in the United States or outside. If you have a blue Mustang, this registry is for you.

Green Mustangs Registry

Any year, any Mustang, as long as it’s green.

Legend Lime

A place for Legend Lime owners to bond.

Opal Frost Mustang Registry

This color was limited to 1994-1996 Mustangs and can be identified by the color code “WJ.”

Pink Mustang Registry

Any year, any model, any make, if your Pony is pink, this registry is for you.

Red Mustang Registry

Any generation, any model, as long as it’s red.

Silver Mustang Registry

Mustangs in all shades of silver and gray are eligible for the Silver Mustang Registry. This registry has grown rapidly since it was formed in 2006 and includes members from around the world.

Tungsten Grey Registry

All Tungsten Grey Mustangs are welcome.

Yellow Mustang Registry

If you own a yellow Mustang, this registry is for you. Besides being able to register your yellow Pony, you’ll find a very active group of enthusiasts who enjoy going to shows together and their own “yellow” gatherings. Currently there are 7,430 yellow Mustangs registered worldwide.

S197 Torch Red Registry

An online gathering of all Torch Red S197s.


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