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It's 1975 again - Lotus Esprit to make a return?

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The iconic British sports car is on the brink of a return

Lotus has dropped hints that the Esprit will be making a return to the new car market - with a Paris Motor Show unveil looking likely. The announcement in the form of a teaser is making great play of the launch date of the original: 1975. The release stops short of actually confirming the debut of a new Esprit, but confirms that 'something breathtaking will happen once again. Once more in Paris. Once more at the Motor Show. Perhaps a new Esprit? Perhaps not. Or perhaps even more?'And while a potential Esprit remains a mystery, given the arrival of the Evora, Lotus CEO Danny Bahar is striving to make the firm more profitable 'by producing beautiful, environmentally relevant, credible sportscars that are honest and authentic.' A two-seater version would tick the Esprit box.More updates as they arrive.


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