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Jaguar meltdown - Report: Barons, Esher, Surrey

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The E-types sold magnificently for Barons' annual Jaguar Heritage sale - scoring a 100% sale rate.

Barons' Jaguar Heritage sale majored on E-types during the 50th anniversary year of the quintessential English sports car, with nine being sold in total. Unusually, S3 V12 roadsters made up a large part of the E-type entry, but results proved that interest in these is stronger than it has ever been. Of the four examples offered, not one sold for less than £31,000, and the chart topper – a magnificent, bright red 1972 machine - achieved over £39,000.

Away from the S3s, a stunning S2 fixed head coupe, which drove as beautifully as it shone made a very strong £34,500 and is heading to Australia. This is the sort of money a tidy roadster would make, so it was a very good price for a fixed head.

Elsewhere, a replica SS100 by Suffolk Sportscars made a whisper under £37,000, which was exceptional considering it was an unfinished project. The appeal of this car was that it was built to a very high standard and MOT’d, but not painted and trimmed. The buyer is now in the enviable position that they have a ‘blank canvas’ that they can paint and trim to their desired colour and standard, with all the hard work already done for them. That, in many ways, made it a more desirable car than a painted project would have been.


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