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Jaguars damaged at Goodwood - News: Moving Motor Show accident

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Jaguars damaged in low-speed accident in the Pavillion at the Goodwood Moving Motor Show

The Goodwood Moving Motor Show is underway. But an accident involving a Honda MUGEN Civic Type-R has marred what has otherwise been a successful inaugural running of the event. The accident, which occurred after the Honda's driver blacked out when driving in the Pavillion, losing control of the car and damaging Jaguar's stand as well as several cars, including its famous early E-type 77RW. Luckily the significant E-type was 'superficially damaged'.

The event was suspended at 12.40 and re-opened at 3.00. Four people were slightly hurt, including two Jaguar personnel were given precautionary treatment at the on-site medical centre. A spokesperson for Jaguar confirmed: 'At 12:40 today, an incident occurred within the exhibition hall at the Goodwood Moving Motor Show when a driver of a slow moving car blacked out, lost control of his vehicle and injured four people.'


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