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Mid-week delight - Report: Classics on The Common, Harpenden, UK

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Harpenden might not sound like a classic car Mecca, but it attracts some amazing classics...

This midweek show on a Wednesday evening is now in its 16th year and never fails to attract a fabulous array of cars, vans, pick-ups, buses, bikes and scooters. If variety is the spice of life, then you’d need an enormous spice rack to just scratch the surface of what this event can muster. Vehicles start pouring on to the Common at 16.00pm, there’s a steady flow and by around an hour and a half later the place is alive with classics and there’s not a great deal of space left. Late arrivals have to park on the adjacent overflow field.

In the past Harpenden has usually fallen on a sunny evening, yet although this year did suffer from more than its fair share of rain, cars and folk still turned out in huge numbers. It was a sell-out with 1200 passes for vehicles issued, though due to that inclement weather not everyone was able to make it.

Some of this year’s more interesting and rarer classics included a special-bodied 1953 Lotus MkIV, the last brand new UK-imported Lamborghini Diablo, a 1949 Tatra 600 Tatraplan just returned from the Czech Republic following a stunning restoration, a 1962 AC 2.6-litre Ace with Ruddspeed conversion, a 1926 Bean 14 Tourer, an ISO Lele, a Bizzarini, a whole host of Ferraris including a 275GTB, a 1933 MG J2, a 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline Aerosedan, a Studebaker Champion and a works-prepared Skoda Rapide to name but a very few.


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