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Neck-Snapping C6RS Ride

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Fastest. Street. Vette. Ever.

On a trip to Detroit we stopped by high-end builder Brian Thomson’s shop, Thomson Automotive. Thomson builds the engines in the Pratt & Miller C6RS, a fantastically powerful, carbon-fiber-bodied Vette that can smoke supercars and still get you to the office in reliable style. As it so happened a Pratt & Miller employee was there, as was a yellow C6RS. Brian graciously let us take some pics, then jumped into the beast and started up the 7-liter, 750-horse, supercharged V-8. “Jump in, let’s go for a spin!” I smiled at my co-worker – this is gonna be good!

At idle and low-speed cruising, the C6RS behaved exactly as a stock Vette would as we rumbled through the suburbs. However, on a deserted back road Thomson flattened the throttle, unleashing 820 lb-ft of torque and flattening my head against the seat in the scariest display of power I’ve ever witnessed. A few more repeat performances had my neck hurting and my head woozy. Fastest. Street. Vette. Ever. Check out this monster at, and learn about the wildly powerful and reliable engines that power them at 

Photo by Rick Jensen


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