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Nine over twelve for 235mph - Pagani Huayra official pictures

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Pagani's amazing C12 makes way for the 235mph C9. Say hello to Huayra...

Named after the Argentinean god of wind, the Huayra is moving Pagani into the £1,000,000 supercar set. It's powered by an AMG Mercedes-Benz sourced twin-turbo 6-litre V12 punching out 700bhp for a top speed of well over 200mph. However, it's the name and the styling of the new Pagani have really forced Internet communities into paroxysms of excitement. Although the shape is clearly an evolution of the C12, the gullwing doors are a new development, while the rounded front and gaping grille are a part of the car's active aerodynamic package. Pretty it isn't.But they should be effective on keeping the car anchored down at speed. When cornering, the flaps closest to the inside of the bend pop up, increasing downforce and thus grip on the unloaded inside wheels, and reducing body roll. The ECU is also linked to the front suspension, which is firmed up under heavy braking to counter the weight transfer.

Here are the important numbers: a bespoke single-clutch seven-speed automated Xtrac gearbox; kerbweight of just 1390kg; 0-60mph (like it's relevant) in 3.0 seconds; a top speed is over 235mph, although this might be limited to avoid having to use bespoke tyres like those fitted to the Bugatti Veyron.

Inside, it's an amazing mix of hi-tech instrumentation and traditional materials. It looks better with familiarity, and is packed with interesting features, sich as the gear selector that rises from the centre console, Jaguar XF-style. The multi-function steering wheel, which incorporates controls for the lights, wipers, indicators, even Pagani’s version of the manettino switch, which alters both the electronic stability control and gearbox settings, is a nod to Ferrari's way of doing things.

The Huayra is expected to cost around £1,000,000 in the UK, but as one seasoned Pagani (anonymously) told Octane, 'it seems to be that the more Horatio charges for his cars, the more he sells.' It will be interesting to see how it does at Bugatti money.


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