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Omologatto gathering - Ferrari 288GTO 25th anniversary

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Concorso Italiano will play host to a gathering of GTOs to celebrate the iconic supercar's 25th anniversary...

The Ferrari 288 GTO is celebrating its 25th anniversary and Concorso Italiano in collaboration with Joe Sackey Classics is honored to host the kick-off gathering, featuring the first-ever USA reunion of Ferrari's original Supercar, the iconic 288 GTO. The first day of the reunion will commence at the 2009 Concorso Italiano on Friday, August 14 at Laguna Seca Golf Ranch. The second day of the reunion celebration will be Saturday, August 15 with a mid-morning meet and greet in Carmel, followed by a scenic one-hour drive to Los Gatos, and then punctuated with dining al fresco at Campo di Bocce. During 1984 and 1985, Ferrari produced 284 GTOs including prototypes. It was based on the utilization of the Ferrari's Formula One technology of a twin-turbocharged car with composite bodywork. It was loosely based on the 308, but with many significant changes. Twenty-five years after its introduction, the 288 GTO remains a classic Ferrari road car and we are delighted to work with Joe Sackey Classics to celebrate this silver anniversary. Joe Sackey is the author of The Lamborghini Miura Bible, published in 2008 by Veloce Publishing.


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