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Out with the Old, In with the New

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West Coast Customs is selling some of their 2009 projects to get ready for 2010.

Perhaps best known for their TLC show Street Customs, the crew at West Coast Customs aren’t just reality television celebrities, they’re also highly talented customizers, handling everything from vintage hot rods to modern vehicles with their particular high-end, high-tech touch. They’re also incredibly busy filming their show, building cars, and launching their new clothing line, Wrench (, which is based on the grittier, old school roots of customizing. The shop even built a rat rod with a more classic feel  as part of the launch of the clothing line. 

These guys are always looking for the next big project, which means that they need to be willing to let go of cars that they’ve finished to make room for the new ones. Right now, West Coast Customs is selling four of their creations (and at prices considerably lower than what was spent on them) to get ready for everything on the horizon for 2010 and to clear out some space in their showroom for the new arrivals. Fans of the custom shop will likely recognize some of the cars here from Street Customs or from their car show appearances. The workmanship in these custom rides is impressive, to say the least. Shaq is a regular customer and is looking to sell off some of his fleet, including the “Shaqillac,” to make room for new West Coast Customs creations. Over the years, Ryan at West Coast Customs has built 34 custom cars for Shaq, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be quitting any time soon.

So what else is on the horizon for next year? In 2010, West Coast Customs is focusing on an “old school meets new school” hot rods theme. For these cars, they’ll be using older bodies with the chassis and engine of a newer car, giving the classic look but with modern conveniences (and a more reliable powertrain). So far, they’ve built a 1969 GTO with a 2007 GTO chassis and engine, a 1967/2007 Dodge Charger, and a Corvette/Chevelle mix they call the “Corvelle.” They’ve got a few more in the works already, including a 1955 Bel Air featuring a turbocharged Northstar engine. Hopefully, they’ll clear out some space soon – with such cool projects on the way, they need all the room they can get.



West Coast Customs 2007 Dodge Magnum –

2007 w/ an  '08 Facelift, Custom chopped roofline
$25,000 custom paint job, ONLY 77 miles on her - ONLY used for shows!
Super sound system, 22" Color matched staggered Asanti's wheels, shaved door handles, tint, suspension, custom interior. Nothing was spared on this SRT8 Hemi. Over $100K invested!! $49,999


West Coast Customs 2005 Wide-Body Ford 500 –

One -off custom wide body. 22" wheels & tires - Multiple magazine features!  DTM Racer, Gibson Exhaust - 3.0 Liter Duratec, V-6 220hp, Asanti AF128 3pcs wheels, 2x9 front with 295/30/22 Continental tires, 22x10 rears with huge lips with 335/25/22 tires, ONLY 2K original miles. Used for show only!  Color matched Brembo brake kit, Sony CDX - M0005X CD head-unit, WCC 4 channel amp 6004 amp, 10 point roll cage, Momo race seats with racing harness, Momo suede steering. Would cost almost $100,000 to replicate!! Too much to list. $19,999


West Coast Customs Signature “Shaqillac” 2007 Cadillac DTS
Built for the “SHAQ”….  SHAQUILLE O’NEAL. Custom everything. Had a TV show built around this…Pictures speak for themselves.  Email for appointment only! $35,000


West Coast Customs Signature Black 2008 Cadillac DTS –

Show car with low miles. Signature WCC interior, 22" Custom color matched Asanti's, Sound system
Must email for appointment. $35,000


For more information on the cars:




West Coast Customs


Wrench Clothing


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