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Owner Spotlight: The Freaky Tiki

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by Joe Babiasz  More from Author

1926 Ford Model T “Tiki” Sedan

Photos by Tony Firpi

Owner: Jon Phillips, member of The Degenerators Florida

The car started as just a body, purchased from a friend in the Poor Boys Car Club of Tampa. It was totally built by Jon and his Degenerators clubmates.

Engine designation/mileage: 1959 Studebaker 259 V8
Edmunds dual 2 barrel intake manifold, polished aluminum valve covers, and valley pan.                      

Paint: Emerald Green metalflake, applied by Ralph Smith at The Hot Rod Shop, Tampa, FL
Urethane base coat/clear coat

Upholstery: Bamboo, and reed matting.
Gauges: Autogauge instruments

Front suspension: "Suicide" style front suspension, with a drilled Ford axel, and 1940 Ford split wishbones.
Rear Suspension: Ford Model T, rear, transverse, spring with some leaves removed.  Rear radius rods.
Rear Differential: Ford 9 inch rear
Rear Shocks: Speedway tube shocks

Front: Coker Firestone whitewalls
Rear: Coker Firestone, Dragster, whitewall cheater slicks, 8 inch rears.

Wheels: Radir 4 inch fronts, 8 inch rear.

Front Spindles: Ford

Type: Mustang
Brand: Flaming River

Ford F-1 fronts, 10 inch Ford rears

Other modifications:
The roof is chopped about 10 inches.  The frame is custom made.

“Big Flake” for best metalflake on a car at Billetproof Florida 2009.

From the owner:
“The interior is a love it or hate it deal, but I think it’s cool…and sets the car apart from most of the other hot rods out there.  My friend and clubmate Tim Masters carved the Tiki shift knob for me, and most of the other material for the interior came from the flea market.” – Jon Phillips

Model: Hollie VanHawke
Hair and Makeup: Darlina Conto, Tampa Beauty Group


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