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Phantom DSC II

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  • This body shell is ready to be boxed and shipped to a customer. - 5
  • Each body panel is also coated with a layer of Electro-Deposit Primer (EDP) which protects it from rust. - 6
  • Dynacorn’s warehouse is full of Mustang body shells and replacement parts. - 7
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From Body Shell to Classic Mustang

This 1967 Candy Apple Red Mustang fastback was created by Autoworks International of El Cajon, California, using aftermarket parts and a Ford licensed body shell from Dynacorn Classic Bodies, Inc. The finished project is stunning and a perfect example of what can be accomplished with Dynacorn’s body shells.

Dynacorn Classic Bodies Inc. is the nation’s leading manufacturer of replacement body shells and parts for 1967 through 1970 Ford Mustang fastback models. The company’s steel replacement body shells are licensed through the Ford Restoration Licensing program – which ensures customers of their quality manufacturing and fit.

All of Dynacorn’s body shells are manufactured in Taiwan from Hi-Tech 1006 universal automotive grade steel and in most cases the gauge is thicker than that of the original. The steel contains fewer additives allowing it to be a bit more flexible and workable than the original. Hi-tech laser cutting ensures the quality finish and fit that classic Mustang enthusiasts demand. Extra welds at crucial places make a stiffer and tighter fit than the original.

The body shells come complete along with the doors, export brace, deck lid and reinforced big block shock towers. Each body panel is also coated with a layer of Electro-Deposit Primer (EDP) which protects the body from rust. The 1967 body shell does not come with side or quarter-scoops, or quarter-panel extensions. Those parts must be ordered separately.

Research and Development takes no shortcuts in developing Dynacorn Classic Bodies at their new state-of-the-art facility in Taiwan, guaranteeing the fit and quality of all Dynacorn bodies and replacement parts. This new facility is designed for continuous assembly and quality improvement of existing parts. With all assembly stations running, Dynacorn is capable of producing 10 bodies a day while still maintaining quality and fit.

Dynacorn’s main facility in Oxnard, California, is very well organized with all of the shelves brimming with Mustang steel body shells and replacement parts. Once an order is received at any of Dynacorn’s three warehouses, the complete steel body shell is fitted and locked into place within a tubular steel reinforced cage with a plywood floor to be sure no damage in shipping will occur. The cage is then encased into a thick plywood shell and readied for shipping. When a tractor trailer pulls onto the loading dock, a forklift truck easily slides the plywood cage safely into the trailer. Customers normally receive their shipment within three days of Dynacorn taking the order.

This year Dynacorn has added even more new stock items to help with the restoration of your classic Mustang. The company also has products available for other muscle cars. Vice President and General Manager, Jim Christina also told us that, “New this year is steel replacement body shells for 1966 through 1977 Ford Broncos.”

On the show circuit, Jim and Dyncorn are very proud of their 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Phantom DSC II (Dynacorn Show Car II). The Phantom DSC II can be seen on display showcasing Dynacorn’s products at major trade shows like the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.


302 W/Retrotek Fuel Injection
Transmission: Astro Performance A5 5 Speed
Suspension: RRS Phase 3 Struts/RRS Rear 3 Link
Interior: Color Matched Dash W/Black Ultra Leather Upholstery by CoupeR Design/Distinctive Industries
Exterior: House Of Kolor Candy Apple Red/Airbrush by Wess
Wheels: 18x8/18x10 Polished CoupeR GT Wheels

Builder: Autoworks International,

Body Shell: Dynacorn Classic Bodies, Inc.,


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