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Prancing in the Park - Ferrari Owners Club: Wilton Park

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The Ferrari Owners Club's summer picnic added a splash of color to this excellent location...

Hats and sun cream were the order of the day as the Ferrari Owners Club of Great Britain descended on the beautiful Wilton House (home of the Earl of Pembroke)  in Wiltshire for their late summer picnic. Modern Tipos made up the majority of the cars arranged neatly on the lawn in front of the house, but immediately outside the front of the house a small collection of classic models, including four Daytonas and a beautifully restored 275GTS, were on display.
Members were treated to a private tour of the house in the morning before heading out into the gardens to find a nice spot to enjoy a relaxing picnic in the sun.  Later in the day the Earl's all black Bugatti Veyron (does that make it a Sang Noir?) joined the display and certainly attracted some admiring glances from the Ferrari owners, although perhaps they were more impressed with the Nurburgring sticker on the back.
Overall a thoroughly enjoyable day and a perfect opportunity for many of the cars to get some late summer exercise before they head for their winter hibernation.


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