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Progress Report: Atlanta Motorsports Park

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by Brian Medford  More from Author

Things are moving fast at the site of the south's newest raceway.

It is hard to imagine but just fourteen weeks ago the future site of Atlanta Motorsports Park was just a blueprint and some surveyors markers. In that time hundreds of tons of soil have been moved, hills have been leveled and valleys filled in. This is all in preparation for the automotive playground that will be Atlanta Motorsports Park. The brainchild of Jeremy William Porter AMP is set to be a world class facility with a green twist. What is that you say? A "green" race track? Yes! Porter went above and beyond to find ways to make AMP as energy and resource efficient as possible. The track surface will be made from 60% recycled materials. The track warning light system will be LED lit and solar powered, as will be the main AMP sign at the entrance. Rain water will be channeled into retention ponds and reused around the property to minimize water runoff into local streams. These ideas along with countless others are making it possible for motorsports and the environment to live together in harmony. As a bonus construction has added 29 new jobs to the local economy.

But lets get to the fun part: the tracks. AMP will boast a 3.14 mile high performance road course with over 100 feet of elevation changes. For those with a heavy right foot the straight-away (nearly 2,000 feet long) will test your nerves and your brakes. In addition to the main road course there will be a 0.79 mile long karting track.

Construction is slated to be completed by the end of 2010.

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