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Paul Bussey reports from the Croxley Green 'Classics on the Green' event.

Just a week after the incredibly successful Classics on The Common at Harpenden, it was the turn of Classics on The Green, at Croxley Green, near Watford, Herts, another huge evening mid-week event that’s organised by the Watford & District Classic Vehicle Club. One of the most meritorious drives of the day, especially in view of the inclement weather conditions with heavy rain at times, was by students of the Faculty of Engineering at London’s Imperial College. Dave Hankin, Rik Smith, Ashley Brown, Julia and Robert Carter arrived aboard the College’s 1902 James & Browne. This company built cars in Hammersmith, London, from 1898 until 1910 when the factory burned down. The College’s example was purchased by the President of the College’s Students Union in 1934 which became their mascot and has been looked after by them ever since. ‘We meet up every Wednesday to care for and maintain the car and then take it for a spin,’ said Dave Hankin. ‘Today we drove up from south Kensington, London, and it took us about two hours.’

One of the day’s star turns was Flavian Marcais’ 1964 ISO Grifo A3C which was designed by Bizzarini and was the 1964 Paris Motor Show car. It’s been with Flavian’s family for around 40 years and was making its post restoration public show debut at Croxley, having been under restoration by Aubrey Finburgh at Classic Autos for the last seven years and was only completed the day before.

Other rare cars in attendance included Robert Wilson’s 1960 Falcon Caribbean based upon a Ford 10 chassis, which he built in kit form when it was new and he was still a young lad! Some 10 years after it was completed Robert refurbished the car and fitted a hydraulic braking system and upgraded the original Ford sidevalve engine to a Ford Crossflow, and it has since undergone a transformation from a FHC into a Roadster.

Several years ago young Ollie Friend journeyed to Holland to purchase his Messerschmitt KR200 which had been totally dismantled, but was remarkably rust free. He has since completely restored the car to concours condition, finishing the project in June 2010. Another major restoration project that had recently reached fruition was on a very rare Meyers Manx SR2. When Bruce Meyers tired of producing beach buggies, he moved onto the Manx SR2 which was his Street Roadster, and still based on a VW Beetle floorpan and running gear. It is thought Meyers produced around 250 and Karma Coachworks less than 100. The example at Croxley is one of two known to reside in Europe.

Another very successful event that attracted the usual mix of veterans, vintage, classics, Yanks, customs, rods, specials and commercials, with proceeds going to a good many local and national charities.


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