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Phil Daniels' scooter from Quadrophenia has fetched a new UK auction record...

A 1967 Lambretta, as ridden by Phil Daniels ('Jimmy Cooper') in the film Quadrophenia, 1979 fetched an UK auction record price of £36,000 at Bonhams Entertainment sale in Knightsbridge. The vendor caught the post-Quadrophenia revival in the early 1980s and was on the lookout for a scooter to buy, and by chance he spotted 'KRU 251F' lying in a front garden in Southsea, Portsmouth. Recognising the registration number from the film, he knew he had found Jimmy's old bike. (It should be noted that as 'Quadrophenia' was set in the early 1960s, the registration's 'F' suffix denoting 1967 was removed for the filming). A sale was negotiated and the Lambretta collected together with its accessories, which had been removed for safekeeping by the owner, Paul Marsh. The machine's restoration was commenced almost immediately but would not be properly completed until 1995, by which time the vendor was running his own scooter shop - Allstyles - in Portsmouth. The ex-Jimmy Cooper Lambretta was pictured on the front cover of Scootering International magazine and featured in an accompanying article. Since then it has gone on to win various concours awards and been used for a host of promotional events, photo shoots, trade shows, etc, as well as featuring in other publications. When Quadrophenia was re-released in January 1997, KRU 251F attended the premiere in Brighton where it was reunited with Phil Daniels and other members of the original cast. Later that same year the 'Jimmy Bike' was used for filming at The Who's Quadrophenia concert in Hyde Park, London and on location in Brighton.


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