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Second Microcar Rally in Half a Century

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2008 sees the 50th anniversary of the only international rally for sub-500cc cars.

The Royal Motor Union Liege-Brescia-Leige Rally will once again fill European streets with miniscule cars.

The original event ran non-stop from Thursday to Sunday with competitors covering a gruelling 2000 miles, with only a few hours break in Brescia. As a result, only 13 of the 36 entrants finished the rally.

Cherished microcar owners need not worry though, as the 2008 rally is set to be much less intense. Spread over a more leisurely 10 days, from July 11-20, competitors will cover around 330km a day and gain points for reliability and navigation skills.

Next year's rally will also feature an alternative class for slightly later and larger-engined cars - up to 700cc, such as the Berkeley B95, which will compete for their own award. Familiar faces from the 50s are also expected next year, such as the BMW Isetta, Panhard, Vespa and Citroen 2CV.


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