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  • Here he is, Carroll Shelby and his world famous autograph. His signature is distinctive, free flowing, artistic and easy to read. - 0
  • People can’t seem to get enough of Shelby’s autograph if they own a Shelby automobile. A great advantage of getting his autograph at events such as the annual Shelby American Automobile Club gathering is that you get to meet the legend. - 1
  • Here is the finished signature on a ’66 GT 350 hood scoop—a perfect location. - 2
  • Air cleaners are a very popular item for Shelby autographs. Inside the hood or trunk lid are also popular. Popular interior locations include dashboards, glove box doors and sun visors. - 3
  • Jeff Krueger is an obviously pleased Shelby owner as he got an autograph on the hood scoop of his GT 350 and the air cleaner. - 4
  • Long lines are a constant feature of Carroll Shelby autograph sessions. The demand for his autograph is huge. - 5
  • The reason Carroll Shelby so gladly autographs everything in sight is so he can sign his name on big checks made out to children’s medical centers. - 6
  • When you send away for a Carroll Shelby autograph the item comes back with a certificate of authenticity that’s dated and serial numbered. - 7
  • Die cast model cars are a popular item that fans bring for Shelby to autograph. - 8
  • A great way to get a Carroll Shelby autograph is to buy one of his cars. Carroll signs the cars that he produces, such as this 2007 GT 500 40th Anniversary Mustang. - 9
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Everybody Wins With A Carroll Shelby Autograph

Carroll Shelby is one of those larger than life living legends. His tremendous charisma is a perfect compliment to his spectacular cars. The man and his cars are arguably the most famous combination in all of motorsports. There are plenty of very talented racers and auto manufacturers, but try to think of one that has such an impressive resume, both in racing and manufacturing, who also possesses the personal magnetism of an extremely successful politician.

Many famous people are very stingy with their autographs, but not Carroll Shelby. The gregarious Texan has signed enough autographs to give ten Hollywood stars carpel tunnel syndrome, but he just keeps on signing.

The driving force behind Shelby’s willingness to sign autographs isn’t just that he’s a nice guy, but he figured out how to use his signature to benefit sick children. For decades he has made the Carroll Shelby Children’s Foundation the beneficiary of his world-famous signature.

Shelby charges for his autograph and the proceeds go to his foundation, which provides support for children in need of life-saving surgeries such as organ and tissue transplantation. Carroll has had his share of life-saving surgeries through his heart and kidney transplants, so he has tremendous compassion for terminally ill children.

If you can’t attend a show where Shelby is signing autographs, you can get his autograph by mail. His website,, has a link for autographs. There is a downloadable “autograph donation form” that you can fill out. Shelby charges $200 to sign a car part and $100 to sign merchandise items such as books, magazines, model cars, etcetera. There is also a $15 shipping and handling fee. The mail-order autographs come with a dated and numbered certificate of authenticity.

The purpose of Carroll Shelby autographs is to fund a very worth charity, but donors also get the benefit of adding value to whatever they have autographed. If you’re fortunate enough to get an autograph in person, the thrill of meeting an automotive icon more than justifies the donation. This is a classic example of an everybody-wins situation.

People have made money reselling their autographed items on eBay, but most enthusiasts wouldn’t dream of parting with their Carroll Shelby autograph. Examples of added value include a common Mustang glove box door. The door by itself might be worth $20 to $50, but with Shelby’s autograph the value jumps to several hundred dollars.

Carroll Shelby has signed tens and tens of thousands of autographs, but the demand is as strong as ever. If you’ve ever wanted a Carroll Shelby autograph check out his website. You’ll get a keepsake for a lifetime and help sick children have a long lifetime.


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