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  • Robert said the Terlingua has "in your face" looks, but is "aesthetically balanced." - 0
  • The Terlingua draws a crowd almost everywhere. - 1
  •  - 2
  • Robert and Sharon ordered the optional custom leather trimmed two-tone interior seat upgrade in yellow and black. - 3
  • The Terlingua logo and Carroll Shelby’s signature is embroidered on the upgraded seats. - 4
  • Quarter-window block off plates and Terlingua Racing team pump up the racing looks. - 5
  •  - 6
  • The Paxton supercharger pumps up the horsepower from 210 to 375. - 7
  • Hood lock pins are part of the appearance package. - 8
  • The front fenders have stickers, just like a racecar. - 9
  •  - 10
  • The Ford Racing “Performance Handling Pack” lowers the Terlingua about 1.25 inches and increases the handling ability. - 11
  • Shelby replaces the rear end with a GT500 fascia with rabbit emblem. Taillights are sequential. - 12
  • The center of the dash is modified with this pod filled with Auto Meter "Signature" series gauges for boost, fuel and oil pressure. - 13
  • The rabbit appears on the gas cap lid. - 14
  • Bullit style wheels are 18s. - 15
  • The Ford V6 spoiler is optional on the Terlingua. Actually, the GT500 uses the Ford V6 spoiler. This is a little-known fact. - 16
  • The “Deep Draw” hood is functional and features a large yellow rabbit on a non-glare matte black surface. - 17
  • The Terlingua Rabbit supplies the theme for the grille. - 18
  • Pick a number. The Terlingua makes a great club racer. - 19
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by Jerry Heasley  More from Author

Screaming Yellow Terlingua

At last January’s Shelby 427 race in Las Vegas, Robert and Sharon Lane, who run “Team Shelby,” were driving a new Terlingua Mustang. The “Screaming Yellow” paint with black stripes, a large yellow rabbit on the “Deep Draw” performance hood, the stickers on the front fenders, and the numbers in roundels on each door, really got my attention. This car looks track ready.

Terlingua, of course, is a tiny town in far West Texas near the Mexican border. Shelby used the Terlingua name and jackrabbit with raised paw, drawn up by his long time friend and noted automotive artist Bill Neale, on early Shelby Mustangs and Cobras. Actually, the jackrabbit goes back to the G.T.350 “Competition” team car (5R002) and 427 Cobra (CSX3002) that raced at Green Valley Raceway in Dallas, Texas, in 1965.

Terlingua really became prominent with Shelby’s 1967 Trans Am Mustang racing program.

In his Texas slang, Bill Neale explained, “The idea was to take some animal and use a form of heraldry the way you see them done in Europe. They do them with lions and eagles and gargoyles. I had done a rabbit ’cause the jackrabbits are big in that part of Texas. He is holding his paw up to say no more peppers in the chili. Shelby liked it. He liked the yellow and the black. That resulted in Shelby asking me to help with a paint job in ’67 for the Trans Am. That’s when I added Terlingua Racing Team across the top.”

In reality, the crest is a spoof on Ferrari’s logo, which features the prancing horse. The inference is Shelby can take a Texas jackrabbit and beat a Ferrari, which he did in 1965 in grand style, winning the World Manufacturer’s Championship of makes.

With the re-emergence of Shelby Mustangs a couple years ago, Shelby Automobiles introduced a Terlingua brand. Shelby Automobiles builds the Terlingua in six different colors. Yellow with black stripes is the color scheme Robert and Sharon wanted.

Robert said, “A yellow V6 with a five-speed is hard to find. That’s an odd combination.”

Narrowing down the find even further is Ford offered Screaming Yellow in 2005 and 2006, then quit.

“Sometimes if you want a certain combination you have to scavenge. We found three Mustang V6s with the five-speed. One was in Arizona, one was in Rhode Island and the third was in Chicago. The one in Chicago had no recall and no damage.”

They bought this car to begin their build, which reveals the process. The customer first purchases a Gen 5 Mustang coupe with the V6 then ships the car to one of Shelby’s Mod Shops.

This Terlingua was actually the third car built in the new series. The first Terlingua was black with yellow stripes and was the concept car, or “1C” on the CSM plate. The second car was orange, which was “1P” for the first production car. The third car was “2P,” seen here.

Robert said, “We wanted yellow because it represented the original ’67 [Trans Am Shelby Mustang] with yellow. When Shelby built the Terlingua as a concept, they didn’t have yellow because they were not available brand new so they reversed it with black and yellow.”

The Lanes could have built their Terlingua with the base Shelby Terlingua Package, or with the “Performance Turn 2.” Shelby offers options, to boot.

They chose the latter in order to get the Paxton supercharger with intercooler that boosts horsepower from the V6’s stock 210 to 350.

Turn 2 costs $19,999 and includes the applicable components in the $9,999 base package. Either way, customers get the hot Terlingua looks.

This car definitely turns heads. Robert and Sharon drove their Terlingua to a car show in downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street.

Robert said, “People asked how much the car cost. I said what do you think it costs? Most responses I had were in the $70,000 to $75,000 range. You tell them 30-33; their jaws drop. They can’t believe it.”

Robert bases the low $30,000 estimate on the cost of a good used V6 Mustang, plus the $19,999 for the conversion at one of the Shelby Automobiles Mod Shops. Of course, the price would be 10 grand less, or in the low 20s, with the base package.

Robert said, “You can pick up a used Mustang V6/5-speed for say 12.5 to 13, right around there, then add the Performance Package for 19-ish. So let’s say 32K. You’re in a Shelby for $32,000. That’s the cheap way to go, but it’s a fun way to go, too. So, let’s say affordable way to go.”

The fun element has to do with the great looking racing image that includes the spoof of the rabbit on the Terlingua badges. Of course, the heritage is pure racing. The Terlingua is perfect for club racing events.

Robert said, “On the track the car brakes phenomenally well, corners well, and on a short track, like a 2.2 or 2.3-miler it is hard [for others] to catch that car if you are a good driver.”

The inference is clear. A late-model Mustang GT boasts a little over 300 hp. The Terlingua has 350. Plus, the V6 is lighter up front and perhaps a little more nimble, and lowered, too. The V8 has more torque, which could come into play on a faster track.

Two major upgrades for increased performance are the Shelby “Pro” six-piston brakes and the lowered suspension.

For enthusiasts who are serious about track action, Shelby offers the 8.8-inch rear axle with a set of 3.73:1 Limited Slip gears.

Gary Patterson, VP of Operations at Shelby, said, “We change the gear. We don’t change the whole rear end, although that is optional, like on the yellow car that Robert and Sharon have. It’s got the 8.8 with the 3.73s; otherwise you just get a gear change.”

Robert feels the Terlingua is perfect for enthusiasts who want to “experience the Shelby mystique and Shelby image and the performance who can’t afford a GT500 or a Super Snake. Their insurance rates will be cheaper. They’ll get better fuel economy. Good drivers can hold their own with the V8 Shelbys on short tracks. Maybe best of all is the track heritage and head-turning racecar looks the Terlingua offers.


Terlingua V6

Shelby Terlingua Package

Base Package:
$9,999 MSRP

Doorsill plates
Floor mat emblems
Billet shift knob
Dash and engine plaque
Key chain
Short-throw shifter

Deep draw hood
CS6 style front fascia
TERLINGUA 1860 Hood Pins
TERLINGUA stripe / sticker/decal kit
GT500 style rear fascia
Rear deck lid cover
RABBIT emblem - trunk lid
Side scoops
Sequential taillights
Quarter-window block off plates
Bullit style 18" wheels (235/50ZR18 tires)

Ford Racing - Performance Handling Pack
Cat back dual rear exhaust
1:3.45 Differential gear set

Color Options on Terlingua Mustangs
Yellow w/Black hood & striping “yellow rabbit only”
Blue w/Black hood & striping “silver or yellow rabbit”
Red w/Black hood & striping “silver or yellow rabbit”
White w/Black hood & striping “silver or yellow rabbit”
Silver, alloy, gray, vapor w/black hood & striping “yellow rabbit only”
Orange w/black hood & striping “silver rabbit only”
Ebony w/yellow hood & striping “black rabbit only”

Custom leather trimmed two-tone interior seat upgrade (variety of color choices)
Two tone custom car cover
Ford V6 rear spoiler
Shelby Kicker sound system upgrade
Shelby five-speed shifter

Performance Turn 2

$19,999 MSRP

Doorsill plates
Floor mat emblems
Billet shift knob
Dash and engine plaque
Key chain
Ford Racing starter button
Shelby, center dash mount, gauge pod
Auto Meter Signature series gauges
Engine dress up cap kit
Steel pedal set
Short throw shifter
Strut tower brace

Shelby deep draw hood
Shelby CS6 Style front fascia
Shelby CS6 Style grille - no fog lights
TERLINGUA 1860 hood pins
TERLINGUA stripe / sticker/ decal kit
GT500 style rear fascia
Exhaust hole cover inserts
Rear deck lid cover
Rabbit emblem - grille/trunk lid
Side scoops
Quarter-window covers
Sequential taillights
Hubcap centers
Running board heat shield
Intercooler cap trim
TERLINGUA gas cap cover
American Racing wheels 18" (anthracite)

PAXTON Supercharger w/intercooler
BORLA cat back side exhaust
FORD RACING performance handling package
Shelby 6 piston “PRO” big brake kit (yellow)
255/35/20 tires
3.45 differential gear

Color Options on Terlingua Mustangs
Yellow w/black hood & striping “yellow rabbit only”
Blue w/black hood & striping “silver or yellow rabbit”
Red w/black hood & striping “silver or yellow rabbit”
White w/black hood & striping “silver or yellow rabbit”
Silver, alloy, gray, vapor w/black hood & striping “yellow rabbit only”
Orange w/black hood & striping “silver rabbit only”
Ebony w/yellow hood & striping “black rabbit only”

Custom leather trimmed two-tone seat upgrade (variety of color choices)
Two-tone protective car cover
Front mounted intercooler assembly
Brake duct assembly
Polished supercharger
3.73 Rear end complete axle
Ford V6 rear spoiler
Shelby Kicker sound system upgrade

Shelby Modification Centers

Mustang Motorsport, Ferntree Gully VIC Australia (03) 9753 5799

Quantum Performance, Farmers Branch, TX (972) 620-4440

Sean Hyland Motorsports, Woodstock ON, Canada (519) 421-2291

Shelby Automobiles, Las Vegas, NV (702) 942-7325

Tasca Ford, Cranston, RI (401) 681-1300


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