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The Roush 427R Experience

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by Denise Rounds  More from Author

Jack Roush does it right.

Photography by Tony Firpi

The ROUSH 427R is a pavement eating power snorting Pony whose menacing appearance is respectfully acknowledged by those it leaves behind. This monster Mustang handles the road like a hot knife through butter. And while power and performance are paramount, ROUSH made comfort a priority by designing an interior that cradles its occupants. It’s not just a car, it’s an experience.

The 2010 ROUSH 427R features a 4.6L ROUSHcharged powertrain system that brings the car’s horsepower to 435 with 400 lb-ft of torque. Underhood changes to the 427R compared to 2005-2009 ROUSH Mustangs include a cleaner appearance with the elimination of the long air induction tube and newly designed hoses that are 100 percent molded rubber with abrasion resistance and imprinted markings. The intercooler is a single core cross-flow radiator which provides more efficient cooling. Its reservoir has more volume than previous generations, is much larger, and has been raised higher off the ground to reduce the chance of road debris damage.

ROUSH engineers concentrated on creating more of an OEM look under the hood. Their goal was accomplished with the use of OEM-level quality materials and extreme attention to detail. For example, the Ford grain on the OEM radiator reservoir was duplicated on the one used by the intercooler. Even the imprinted markings on the upgraded hoses were designed to give the engine a more OEM look.

On the outside ROUSH took the 2010 Mustang and refined its overall look. ROUSH’s appearance package includes a front fascia and front splitter, rear fascia, side splitters, and a three-piece rear wing. The rear fascia is injection-molded in black OEM-level TPO plastic by ROUSH manufacturing. It is a one-piece design with decorative grain. The Torch Red ROUSH we tested had 20-inch cast chrome wheels wrapped with Dunlop tires. The 427R’s striping kit enhances the Mustang’s lines giving it a menacing look.

The 2010 427R features a new suspension package that ROUSH engineers claim is the best suspension package they have developed for the Mustang to date. We tested the ROUSH 427R during Florida’s rainy season and all who drove it were impressed with its abilities. Stopping and handling were not a problem for wet roads and heavy traffic. The short-throw shifter made rowing the gears easy. And we’re not quite sure what changes ROUSH makes to the seats, but they’re absolutely the most comfortable Mustang seats we’ve ever sat in.

We had the 427R for a few days but our smiles lasted for weeks. What’s our overall impression? Jack does it right.


Sharing The Experience

It’s common practice for aftermarket manufacturers to loan test vehicles to the media for evaluation. Since we have a wide variety of automotive enthusiasts here at AutoTrader Classics, I thought it would be interesting to share the ROUSH 427R experience with them. Here’s what they had to say:

“The ROUSH was incredible. Having owned a number of Corvettes including a C5 with a six-speed, I can tell you that the ROUSH 427R had more comfort and handles just as well as the C5 Corvette. The supercharger added another dimension. Quite possibly the fastest car I have been in. From the moment it was started to the neck snapping torque it generates–it was destined for speed. The ROUSH kept you wanting more as it easily accelerated through the gears and left a knot in the bottom of your stomach. Quite a machine.”-Bob Prezioso

“As a Roush first timer and Corvette enthusiast, I would give the 427R a standing ovation. That being said; I was impressed with the acceleration, tight handling characteristics and overall styling. ROUSH has made a believer out of me. They balanced power, handling and aesthetics exceptionally well for the price.”-Chase Hollowell

“Sweet!”-David Sexton

“As much as I wanted to drive it, it was a little intimidating. So, I decided to be a rider. Never in my life, have I been in a car with so much power. When I sunk into the suede seat and buckled in I had no idea what was to come. As soon as the car took off, I had this intense feeling rush up through my stomach into my throat. It literally felt like I was flying. Whether you’re driving or riding, it’s an experience you won’t forget…not to mention all of the focused eyes on you while you’re flying down the highway.”-Ericka DeKruger

“They should simply call it a ‘Rush Mustang,’ as that is the best way to describe the feeling behind the wheel. All five senses go into overload; from the sound of the exhaust upon ignition, to the taste of the adrenaline on your tongue as you slap it into fifth gear.”-Gene Steinberg

“Being an avid Mustang enthusiast the thrill of driving the Roush 427R was an incredible experience. From the pavement pounding power to the perfectly fit custom interior all the way down to the super tight steering the overall feeling of the Roush was exuberating. The car was just a truly exciting ride!”-Mike Mosley

“It was raining when I drove the ROUSH 427R, however it handled incredibly well. Stopping was very impressive even in the rain we went from 30 to 0 in a car length with no lock up. I was very impressed with the horsepower and the torque would plant you in the seats. For a sports car it rode very well, it was not a rough ride. The seats were the most comfortable supportive seats I have sat in. When I win the Lotto, I will have one of these in my collection.”-Jack Cornelius

“Unfortunately, it started to rain as soon as I left to take my ride in the Roush, but it was still obvious from the beginning that this car was incredibly powerful. The ride was smooth and felt very in-control. The seats were incredibly comfortable and provided great back support.”-Katie Boyer


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