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Under The Gun: The Thundertaker

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by Brian Medford  More from Author

Fuller Hot Rods puts on the pressure to get their 2012 SEMA show car completed.

Have you ever wondered what an outrageous SEMA show car looks like the week before the big show? We're going to show you! Check out these awesome photos as Bryan Fuller's expert team at Fuller Hot Rods pull together years of hard work. The Thundertaker has been a mainstay at the Fuller shop for some time but with SEMA 2012 show looming it is time for this ride to rise from the dead!

Photos courtesy of Fuller Hot Rods and the author.

The artistic rendering.

Where it all started. A little rough around the edges.

Stripped and braced. The bracing helps maintain squareness while the body work begins.

Just a little rust, but overall not too bad.

Back from being stripped and blasted.

Some of the body rot is visible on the quarters.

Huge by long boxed custom Art Morrison chassis. Notice the exhaust pipe routing through the frame.

The body meets the frame for the first time.

Starting to get an idea of just how big this thing is!

Finally a glimpse of what is to come.

Custom floors of course.

There wasn't a single panel left untouched by Fuller's metal working team.

Cut, weld, grind. Repeat.

When you want to lay this low you need to tuck everyething under the car. Here is a great view of the exhaust pipe routing tunnels and the driveshaft tunnel.

Paint is on! Those quarters are arrow straight.

Time to start the final assembly.

Two tone horns will signal the Thundertaker's arrival.

Fuller's shop is equipped to handle even the most delicate modifications.

The door are flawless.

Here's Bryan Fuller himself working hard on the door internal mechanicals.

The guys pulling hundreds of feet of wiring.

A better view of the quarters.

The exhaust exits through the bumper end caps. Trick and slick!

Two of the four batteries on board!

One of two air tanks for the air ride suspension and another battery.

This beast will stop on a dime thanks to the Wilwood brakes.

A great view of the rear axle and suspension. Wires seem to be EVERYWHERE on this car.

Just a little wiring to finish up. This is the dash by the way.

One cool feature is the rollup privacy panel, like you find on a limo.

The stand alone rear compartment A/C unit.

This monster is powered by a fuel injected big block.

Fuller was inspired by the Cadillac 16 show car for the Thundertaker's valve covers.

See that big hole in the roof?

This sunroof goes there.

Quite possible the longest sliding sunroof on a car. The jury is still out though.

The interior is coming together.

One of Fuller's guys puts on a the plastic seat cover. Yes, those old school seat covers your grandmother had on her couch.

The privacy partition is almost done.

The massive front bumper sitting upside down, waiting for installation.


The Thundertaker made it to SEMA!

For the build story and more photos of the completed car check out the article below:

Thundertaker: How Hot Rods Save Lives
Thundertaker is a 1960 Cadillac Hearse that Bryan Fuller of Fuller Hot Rods and his crew brought back from the brink of death.




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