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by Bruce Caldwell  More from Author

Chip Foose Builds Limited Edition Dodge Challengers

(Editor's note: Since the publication of this article the partnership between Chip Foose and Unique Performance has been dissolved.)

Chip Foose must not sleep a lot. He’s constantly turning out wild cars that are either on his TV show or gracing the pages of enthusiast magazines, plus he has a line of custom wheels. Then there’s his consulting work and teaming up with specialized vehicle companies such as Unique Performance.

 Unique Performance of Farmers Branch, Texas, was both lucky and smart to join forces with Foose Design early on to create a series of limited edition supercars such as the Foose ’69 Camaros and Foose Edition 2007 Mustangs.

Their latest collaboration is this stunning 1971 Dodge Hemi Challenger. These cars were very handsome to start with, so Chip wisely chose to enhance those looks rather than radically change them.

The goal is to combine modern 21st century performance technology with the Challenger’s classic looks. Two engines are available the 5.7-liter Modern Hemi, which is rated at 360 horsepower or the optional 426 Hemi shown here that puts out a robust 540 horsepower. This feature car has the trick electronic fuel injection system. The transmission is a Tremec 5-speed.

Foose Design wheels and high performance tires are key elements of the Foose Challenger. Wheel sizes are 8x18 in front and 10x20 in back. Tire sizes are 245/40ZR18 and 295/40ZR20. Massive Baer brakes with 14-inch and 13-inch rotors supply the stopping power.

The interior features a 4-point roll cage and high back racing bucket seats with racing safety harnesses. Carbon fiber accents are used throughout the interior.

The cars have serial numbers and this green over black beauty is Challenger number one of what will be a maximum of seventy-five cars.


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