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Update: Hidden Gems Of The 2010 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction

  • Ecto-1 - 0
  • Batcycle - 1
  • Batmobile - 2
  • Blastolene Brothers Roadster - 3
  • Dillenger's Getaway Car - 4
  • Fire Truck - 5
  • Flip-Top Funny Car - 6
  • Kaiser Darrin - 7
  • Land Speed Racer and Hauler - 8
  • Porsche Tractor - 9
  • Tank - 10
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by Brian Medford  More from Author

We see how the "other" ones to watch did this year.

Last month we brought you some of the hidden gems of the Scottsdale event for Barrett-Jackson Auction Company. Lets take a look and see just how they did after the gavel dropped.

Ecto-1 From Ghostbusters!
Sold for $88,000.00. Actor Ernie Hudson as on hand to bring the big ghost busting cruiser through the auction block. The sale price was fair for a piece of movie history. The car was spot-on and looked ready for action!

Batmobile...kind of
Sold for $66,000.00. Okay, this thing was cool. The builder went so far as to include twin fender mounted pop-up machine guns that fired propane! This was not some cheesy kit car. If I didn't know any better I would think this was the real movie car.

Fire Truck
Sold for $8,250.00. Somebody got a bargain in this old fire truck. It was ready for parade use, or if needed it could still put out fires! Somewhere the buyer's inner child is giddy with excitement.

Dillinger's Getaway Car
Sold for $165,000.00. This one puzzled me. This is a piece of history AND a fantastic restoration. The paperwork was all there to document the history. The price seemed low for such a nice piece of history.

Sold for $6,600.00. Holy rolling replicas Batman! This was a great replica of the Batcycle. It even had the Robin go-kart side pod. You couldn't built it for twice the selling price.

Blastolene Brothers Roadster
Sold for $280,500.00. Honestly this one hurt a little when the gavel dropped. After standing in the staging lanes and hearing Randy Grubb detail the building process of this car the price just didn't match the effort. The engine alone is $100k. This was a bargain

Land Speed Racer and Hauler
Sold for $46,200.00. Quite possibly the most unique lot at this year's auction. This thing screams 70s custom. The transporter is driven from the middle of the cockpit with passengers on either side. Sure it isn't good for anything other than hauling the included land speed car, but bragging rights alone should have brought a higher price.

Flip-Top Funny Car
Sold for $176,000.00. Another piece of racing history and supposedly the earliest known flip-top funny car. The car had all the period correct parts and the original pieces from the car's racing days. The price here was almost right but a little low.

Sold for $25,300.00. There were actually two of these up for grabs. No Porsche collection is complete without a genuine Porsche tractor to maintain the surrounding land. This is one Porsche you won't mind putting to work.

A Tank!
Sold for $55,000.00. They actually drove this across the auction block. This was a prototype for the M29 Weasel and included a staggering amount of WWII period memorobilia for display purpose. This was a museum piece just waiting for a home.

Kaiser Darrin
Sold for $220,000.00. Now we're talking! One of two Darrins at the auction, this model featured a McCulloch supercharger and was treated to a no holds barred restoration while retaining almost all the original parts.

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