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Marti Reports Tell All

Not long ago someone purchased what was supposed to be a highly collectible Mustang for a considerable amount of money. He was discussing his purchase with other members of an Internet forum. Kevin Marti, owner of Marti Auto Works, was on the forum at the same time. From his years of experience, Marti knew that no such car existed and responded to the post. One thing led to another and this individual realized that he had been scammed. The documentation he was provided with about the car was created on someone’s computer, and his newly purchased “rarest of rare” Mustang was bogus.

“It’s simple for people to forge documents,” Marti said during a recent interview. “In a bad economy, it will get worse before it gets better.”

To protect yourself from the same type of horror story, or simply to find out more about a vehicle you own, you can have a Marti Report prepared. It’s a simple process and the only items required to run the report are: the model year, car or truck line, VIN (serial number), and Shelby Number (if applicable).

“We recommend our Basic Reports to people who are shopping around for a car,” said Marti. “They give you the basic information about the car.” If you want more information beyond the Basic Report, you can upgrade to a Deluxe Report for the difference in price. Elite Reports come with the complete factory option list and door data plate info, as well as a reproduction of the door data plate, a reproduction of the window sticker and personalized production statistics which show how unique the car is. This information is mounted underneath a Ford blue matte board and installed in a 16”x20” black frame.

Enthusiasts count on Marti to help them document their vehicle’s past. “This is possible because Ford has been extremely forthcoming,” Marti explained. Marti Auto Works has access to Ford Motor Company’s entire production database for 1967-1979 model years.

It’s become a common occurrence to hear auctioneers mention that a “Marti Report is available” when cars cross the block, or to see them on car windows at shows, and mentioned in the classified ads in this book.

“What I want to make perfectly clear to people, is that I am not an appraiser,” said Marti. “I am verifying the serial number of the car. Not the value of the car.”

Marti also has “Eminger Invoices,” which are original invoices that a former Ford employee, Lois Eminger, managed to save from the company’s shredder. They are documents that were used by Ford for billing to the dealer. Often the Eminger Invoices list the wholesale and retail costs of the base vehicle, all options, and shipping. The original dealer the vehicle was shipped to, the trim code, date the invoice was prepared, and many other items are also on the invoice. Invoices are not available for all cars; however, some of the most popular cars of the ’60s and ’70s are. When you purchase an Eminger Invoice, you are buying the “real” invoice, it’s not a copy.

To order a Marti Report, you simply go to, enter your car’s serial number, choose the type of report you want, and pay online. Turnaround time for a basic report to be delivered to your mailbox is 10-14 days. Elite Reports take longer because the window sticker needs to be reproduced. Deluxe Reports take 4-6 months because of the amount of detail and framing. If you are making a purchase and would like a report completed in a rush, just give Marti Auto Works a call and they will do what they can to help.

Marti really enjoys helping enthusiasts verify their vehicle’s history and what he’s doing. Kevin Marti plans to keep on expanding his database. More years will be coming soon – he recommends folks check his website for the latest offerings.

Marti Reports

Basic – Includes door data plate information, a list of options your vehicle was ordered with, and the build date.

Deluxe – Gives a complete list of factory options, door data plate info, a simulation of the vehicle’s door date plate, a list of significant dates in the vehicle’s history including the day it was sold. The Deluxe Report also provides a breakdown statistics which include how many were made with the same paint code, paint/trim codes, engine/transmission codes, ordered from the same DSO, plus one other important option chosen by Marti Auto Works.

Elite – This package includes the complete factory option list and door data plate info, a reproduction of the door date plate, a reproduction of the window sticker, and personalized production statistics that show how unique the car is. This information is mounted behind a Ford blue matte board and encased in a black frame.

Marti Auto Works
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