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View from the floor - Report: RM Auctions, London

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Our man Dave Kinney is on hand at the RM Auctions Battersea sale, and has his own take on proceedings...

It was, as the say, quite the party.

RM Auctions Automobiles of London event is one of the collector car wonders of the world, a can't miss event, and, for the last week in October of 2010, a little bit of a full-on candy store for grown-ups, or at least those of us who pretend to be grown-ups.

Let's get something out of the way first. Yes, the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 sucked all of the air out of the room. Like a Supermodel in a supermarket, I say, deservedly so. It's a star, perhaps, like it's billing -- or hype, depending on your view it is 'The Most Famous Car in the World'.

And, as reported -- quite literally everywhere -- it sold, but for a bit less than expected.

The real story of the event remains those cars that did sell. Those that sold, and that includes most cars on offer, on the whole sold well, and in some cases very well. The quality of the cars on offer was, for the most part exceptional, and if anyone thinks that holding an event this size in London is easy, inexpensive or not fraught with logistical nightmares, well, they have never been to a big city, let alone one the size of London.

I applaud RM for having the vision, insight, and guts to pull this event off, and for doing so four years in a row, at least two of which have been tough times in the overall economy.

As I sat in the Press area of the Battersea Evolution, with two members of the Russian media sitting on the other side of the table from me, I had to stifle a chuckle.

I think Mr. Bond would have approved of this sale, and might have even enjoyed attending.


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