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Watch the rally live as it unfolds - Live tracking: Peking to Paris Rally

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Skytag GPS announce live online tracking of Peking to Paris rally.

Specialist stolen vehicle location and fleet tracking company Skytag has launched its dedicated website showing live tracking of the Peking to Paris rally. In conjunction with The Endurance Rally Association, Skytag will be providing live tracking for over 60 of the vintage vehicles and their teams, over 13,000 miles through 11 countries in 37 days.

The website which can be accessed from the Skytag main website at or from the event website at The site is open to the public view free of charge.

Click this link to view the map fullscreen: Skytag GPS live tracking

A first for both Skytag and The Endurance Rally Association, the project has taken months of careful planning and exhaustive testing. Skytag director Guy Topsom commented 'This is unique; no one has ever attempted tracking a rally on this scale before. When we first started discussions with the ERA we were obviously very excited about being involved.

'With a route covering some of the world's most remote and sparsely populated regions we knew from the start it was going to be a challenge, but we saw this as an opportunity to push our equipment to the limits and really demonstrate the effectiveness and accuracy of our products. Under normal circumstances our customers want to know that we can find their vehicles when they are stolen or track deliveries accurately, so we've used exactly the same transmitters and technology for this event that we provide to all of our EasyWeb Track and Skytag customers.'

The official rally started on 10 September 2010 from the Great Wall of China and will run until 16 October 2010 where hopefully all the competitors will cross the finish line in Paris.

Stay tuned for regular updates!


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