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Zagato's latest beauty - Perana Z-One

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Zagato unveils its latest concept at Geneva - the Perana Z-One.

Zagato's latest sporting concept is a groundbreaking effort for the Milanese design community - the swooping sports car is the first collaboration with a South African car manufacturer: Perana Performance Group. The price for the new car is expected to be set at 50,000 euros - not bad for a limited run (to 999 examples) supercar, powered by a 440bhp 6-2-liter aluminum V8...

The new car has been designed using the latest virtual rendering technology, although the car on show at Geneva will be a fully-running concept. Under the skin, it features an innovative tubular and box section chassis - with production said to follow in July 2009. The Z-One will be fully road-legal and, according to its designer, Zagato, 'a thoroughly practical and feasible production proposition that is expected to be available for sale to discerning European buyers.' The Zagato Design Center has styled the Perana Z-one to ensure it is built as a limited series production car. Sales will be limited to 999 cars per annum within Europe to assure exclusivity and to commemorate the 90 years of Zagato design.


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